Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday November 01, 2011

Gelid GX-7 Stacked Heatpipe Heatsink

FrostyTech has posted a review of the Gelid GX-7 stacked heatpipe HSF for those of you interested. It looks like a rather beefy unit with a gaggle of stacked heat pipes, hit the link to see how well it performed during testing.

The Gelid GX-7 heatsink stands 158mm tall and ships with a variable speed PWM fan internally illuminated by several very bright blue LEDs. The lights make a nice impression on the spinning blue fan blades which feature novel little 'wing tips'. Beyond that, the GX-7 would look like any other tower format heat sink except for one trick up its sleeve - stacked heatpipes.