Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Monday October 31, 2011

NVIDIA Asking GeForce Owners To Send Cards In For Examination

According to this post in the NVIDIA tech support forums, the company has been able to reproduce (and fix) some of the BF3 and Windows Media Center bugs players have been experiencing but they are asking customers with TDR issues to send their cards to the company for examination.

I want to give everyone a quick update on some of the bugs mentioned in this thread:

  1. Battlefield 3 bugs - So far we have been able to reproduce the major Battlefield 3 issues and have marked this as must fix for the upcoming driver in November.

  2. Video Playback issue in Windows Media Center/Movie Maker/Media Player - This issue has been fixed and will definitively be included in the next driver release in November

  3. R280.xx or later Firefox/IE9 TDR issue - We have ordered some of the retail graphics cards that have been mentioned in these threads to resolve this issue. However it would be of great help to us if anyone who is facing this problem can send us their graphics card to diagnose internally at our Santa Clara office since the cards we have been tested so far do not seem to show the TDR issues end users are reporting in this forum. We can pay for shipping both ways and I can probably get some free game codes to offer you for your time. Please PM if you would be willing to do so. You must be in the USA however since international shipping can complicate things.