Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Monday October 24, 2011

Groupon Sues Former Employees at Google

Groupon is suing two former employees that now work for Google, claiming they took trade secrets with them. Ummm, someone is going to have to help me out here...exactly what kind of trade secrets does a coupon site have?

Michael Nolan, who worked for Groupon for two years, and Brian Hanna, who joined the Chicago-based company in January, each left last month to join Google Offers, according to a civil complaint filed today in an Illinois court. "In their new positions with Google Offers and/or Google, Hanna and Nolan will provide the same or similar services as they provided at Groupon," requiring them "to employ confidential and proprietary information they learned while employed at Groupon," according to the complaint.