Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday October 21, 2011

Intel Expected to Unveil 22nm Ivy Bridge March 2012

DigiTimes, citing anonymous industry sources, claims that Intel will unveil 22nm Ivy Bridge CPUs in March of 2012.

The quad-code Ivy Bridge CPUs will have thermal design power (TDP) ratings of 45W, 65W and 77W, while the dual-core models will have TDP ratings of 35W and 55W, indicated the sources. For the 7-series desktop CPUs, Intel will launch Z77 and Z75 chipsets to replace its Z68 and P67, and a H77 to replace H67. Additionally, Intel will also release Q77, Q75 and B75 chipsets for business models, replacing the Q67, Q65 and B65.