Tuesday October 04, 2011

Raging Asstasstic Views!

Finally getting a moment to Rage a little bit myself finally this evening. If you think Rage is awesome looking at 1080P, wait till you see it on the big screen with the quality forced as high as I could get it! roll eyes (sarcastic) I now present you with two 500KB full 3600x1920 resolution screen captures that will put it all in perspective.

News Image News Image

So that is what 22GB if textures looks like? Hmmmm. Would have never guessed that. And trust me, JPeg compression did nothing but make these look better. It almost has me wishing the textures wouldn't pop! I think I am going to go back to playing Driver: San Francisco at its neutered 1800x800 resolution, it looked better, and seems to be a bit more fun.

News Image

Don't worry about Johnny C though, because he sure is not worried about you or me, now that he has our $60. Cheers and Rageon!

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