Tuesday October 04, 2011

[H] is Further EnRaged

Our very own Mark Warner, GPU Guru Extraordinaire, has been hard at work beating on Rage with the GTX 580 and Radeon 6970 and wanted to reach out to you guys this morning and share some of what he is finding.

This video demonstrates RAGE when played on an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 with driver version 285.38 BETA, and on an AMD Radeon HD 6970 with the RAGE specific driver found on AMD's support site, which is version 8.892.3-110908a-126296E-ATI.

NVIDIA driver is here. AMD driver is here.

We noticed some big graphical problems as soon as we started the game. Texture pop-in is a problem on all video cards we've tested so far, but to a more significant degree on AMD's cards than NVIDIA's. There is also significant graphical artifacting on AMD cards that is absent from the experience when using an NVIDIA GPU. With AMD cards, NPCs flicker in and out, even in the midst of combat. With NVIDIA cards, that doesn't happen in our testing. We went ahead and checked out older AMD "non-Rage" drivers also, but the problems persisted. It is bad enough in places that the game becomes virtually unplayable.

FRAPS recording exaggerates the texture pop-in problem on both video cards. It also reduces performance significantly, so any graphical lag you see is a product of the video recording system. Without FRAPS recording, both video cards ran at a solid 60 frames per second.

Worth mentioning as well is that Mark checked the AMD artifact issue on two different PC stations, with two different 6970 cards, and double checked with a 5870 as well and identified the same issues. frown

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