Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday October 04, 2011

Folks are Enraged!

Well, Joystiq gives Rage and id Software a thrashing. At $60, maybe Bethesda is charging $3 per gigabyte?

And that's the thing. The aspects of RAGE that seem interesting and different at first never grow or expand. The enemy reactions, the clutching, the begging for their lives, it's repeated identically so often over the course of the game that it loses any impact or meaning. The town that initially holds the promise of a big, wide, asteroid-murdered world is a facade for a few fetch quests down some of the most guided, narrow shooter levels this side of a Call of Duty title. RAGE is pretty at times, but it's not enough to paint over the truth - that Id's labor feels like a scaffolding for a game of bolder ideas, ideas which, for whatever reason, aren't realized. And the game that is there just isn't enough to compete with other, better shooters we've seen this year.

Does not look like this will hit the bargain bin as fast as DNF, but you might wait a bit. frown

Here is a what one of our 8 year+ HardForum goers had to say.

OMFG.I am so pissed. I spent $60 on this hunk of dog sh*t when money is tight. NEVER again. Gaming on this very night, the 4th of October, has died. Gaming is dead, long live the king. The game has no direction, no compelling storyline, visuals that reek, terrible mouse controls, no console, no tweakablity.

I think id Software should have a long time ago fired all the creative employees and gone into the middleware business. I think the PC gaming industry would have been better for this overall. God knows Epic left much to be desired with its engines on the PC side.

Just search on "Rage" in the HardForum before you plunk down your [H]ard earned cash.