Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Monday September 05, 2011

Add2PSU Daisy Chain Power Supply Adapter

Legit Reviews has just posted a quickie one page review of the Add2PSU daisy chain PSU adapter today. For comparison purposes and more info on the Add2PSU, you can see our article on "The Black Art of Dual PSUs in Your Enthusiast PC" here.

To try out the Add2PSU I pulled two Corsair HX620W power supplies that I retired from the test bench early last year since they were unable to handle the power demands of some of the crazy computer hardware that I benchmark and overclock around here. I hooked the two 620W power supplies together with the Add2PSU adapter and sure enough both power supplies kicked on like there were siamese twins. The Add2PSU worked fine and I ended up with a total of 1240 Watts of power by using this simple device, which is plenty power for most enthusiast PCs that you could build today.