Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday August 09, 2011

Sued Under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for Spamming?

Here's an interesting court case that is sure to cause a debate. What do you think? Should the company be allowed to sue or is this outside the scope of what the CFAA was intended for?

As the court pointed out, "it was the volume of the communications, and not their content, that injured Pulte. The calls clogged access to Pulte’s voicemail system, prevented its customers from reaching its sales offices and representatives, and even forced one Pulte employee to turn off her business cell phone. The e-mails wreaked more havoc: they overloaded Pulte’s system, which limits the number of e-mails in an inbox; and this, in turn, stalled normal business operations because Pulte’s employees could not access business-related e-mails or send e-mails to customers and vendors."