Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday July 26, 2011

Netflix Now Tone-Deaf on Public Perception

I'm not saying that Netflix couldn't care less about you cancelling your account over the recent price hikes...crap, who am I kidding? Netflix couldn't care less if you are upset.

"Some subscribers will cancel Netflix or downgrade their Netflix plans," the company said in a letter to investors after it issued its second-quarter earnings report. "We expect most to stay with us because each of our $7.99 plans is an incredible value." Just a few paragraphs below that, Netflix said that while the customer backlash could hurt the company's financial performance in the current quarter, it could also help the company generate unprecedented revenue in the fourth quarter. Netflix said during that period, it could see for the first time in company history a $1 billion in quarterly revenue.