Tuesday July 12, 2011

The PSU Label Debate

Here is an interesting one for you. Last month, CoolerMaster put out this video showing how some companies may be "hyping their PSU's actual abilities." The CM team used the chart below to explain "peak" power and "continuous" power and how their power supply differed from the generic unit in the video.

News Image

In response to the video above, Tony Ou from SilverStone Technology had this to say:

Sad to see they were uninformed about power supply label and sadder still that they were trying to teach their users with this. To add further insult to injury, the Cooler Master Xtreme Power Plus 500 model they used in the video as an example happens to be a typical over-labeling PSUs with clear tell-tale signs:

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To obtain safety certificates, the specification table and associate rating numbers on the power supply label must be accurate. The manufacturers are free to name the power supply any way they like however, so in this case, Cooler Master placed "500" next to the model name to suggest it as a 500W PSU (and sold as a 500W) as opposed to it being a 450W.

It’s a tough business competing in lower wattage range (500W & below) as every dollar counts so there are other types of over-labeling practices too. This is pretty bad for honest manufacturers that do not over-label on wattage and still have to compete on price. And to see Cooler Master trying to educate people with the wrong information, I just couldn’t stand it anymore.

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