Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday July 06, 2011

Sapphire HD6950 2GB DiRT3 Edition

The crew at Overclockers Club got down and dirty today with the Sapphire HD6950 2GB DiRT3 Edition video card. Get it? They got "down and dirty" with the "Dirt 3" edition HD 6950? I know, I know, that was bad...just go read the review. big grin

I was able to get my card to overclock pretty well, seeing a 12.5% increase on the GPU Core and 12% on the memory آ— 900MHz and 1400MHz, respectively. While the GPU Core clock speed was about just below the average, it is still a nice bump; however, the memory was the third highest clock in the running. The only complaint that I do have is that the card is quite long, but this is becoming more of a norm in the market with high-end graphics cards to accommodate the cooling that they require.