Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday December 22, 2010

Nikki Sixx Gets New Consoles for Children's Cancer Ward

Remember the story about a low-life scumbag that stole all the consoles from the Children's Cancer Ward? Well Nikki Sixx heard about it and has stepped up in a huge way:

Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue had recently been involved with the Pablove Foundation for a Charity Event to fund Pediatric Cancer. When Nikki Sixx read about what happened at the Children’s Cancer Ward he decided to do something. With the help of his Syndicated Radio Show, the "Sixx Sense" he reached out to Sony, Disney, Activision, and Nintendo. As soon as Those 4 companies heard what had happened, they rushed to donated replacement consoles as well as games to the Carolinas Medical Center Children’s Cancer Ward. EA Games and Microsoft also stepped in a big way as well by donating X-box 360 consoles and games.

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That's not the end of the good news either, the Providence Division Police Department have announced that they have arrested a suspect in connection with the crime as well.

Sgt. Rich Stahnke and the rest of the officers of the Providence Division Police Department took this crime personally and put forth an all out effort to catch this criminal. These heroes took Suspect Charles Hinton into custody on December 18th. I wanted to send you an update so that people know that although the country is going through a tough time, we always pull together somehow and help someone get back up when they have fallen down. It’s what makes America great. We help each other.

Thanks to Ray Hernandez for taking the time to personally give us an update and for sending along the pictures of (just a small portion) of the items collected for the kids!