Tuesday July 06, 2010

BFG Tech Down for the Count

We reported to you first on May 18th that BFG Tech was leaving the graphics market. At that time we were told:

"We will continue to provide our award-winning power supplies and gaming systems, and are working on a few new products as well. I’d like to stress that we will continue to provide RMA support for our current graphics card warranty holders, as well as for all of our other products such as power supplies, PCs and notebooks."

We are being told this morning by sources inside BFG Tech that its "PSU department" has been let go. I would suggest that if you have a BFG card that needs to be RMA'd, you need to get that done ASAFP. We do not see the company being "in business" much longer as it is reported that all its remaining inventory has been moved.

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