Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday February 19, 2009

NVIDIA Stock Plummets

On the heels of an industry rumor that NVIDIA was making headway with AIB partners in order to keep HardOCP shut out of the upcoming GTS 250 launch, Nvidia Corp. stock took another unhealthy downturn.

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The rumor sources cited HardOCP's evaluation support lacking in the areas of PhysX, and CUDA. AIBs were instructed to not sample HardOCP GTS 250 evaluation cards.

Off the record rumblings from HardOCP's back offices cited NVIDIA once again taking aging hardware, renaming it, and trying to pass it off as something new...again. This GTS 250 will be a rebranded 9800 series card that was a rebranded 8800 series card. Likewise it was suggested that HardOCP would not even allow a review of any 9800 GTX+, so why the hell would it want to once again look at a card with performance that put it squarely into the November 2006 timeframe. Approximately 120 video card articles have been written by HardOCP since that launch.

HardOCP also heavily argued that being shut out of NVIDIA's GTS 250 launch had little impact on it or its readership and that HardOCP was not in any way responsible for NVIDIA's sharply falling stock price today. HardOCP did state that was likely due to AMD building some great video cards, Quad SLI recently falling flat on its face, and NVIDIA being shut out of a "decaying CPU market" that it terribly wants to be part of. And that issue with making GPUs too.

Quad SLI currently has no value. The GeForce GTX 295آ’s are pricey; still at $499. That means Quad SLI will cost you no less than $1000. That extra $500 is not going to buy you a better gaming experience with todayآ’s games.

You can beat the rush and help out NVIDIA's stock price by purchasing a 9800GTX+ today. wink