Friday July 26, 2002

[H]ardNews - Blue Cooling Covers Tracks

If you are a water cooling buff, you may want to read our opinions posted on the new BTMS water cooling system that has failed to live up to almost everyone one of the manufacturers claims, at least in our eyes. Now that people are emailing them with questions and such, they have started going back and trying to discredit our review. They are stating to their potential customers that the unit we tested was a "prototype" and not representative of retail product. Of course we went back through email records and not once was is it mentioned by Blue Cooling employees that the unit was a prototype, and that only surfaced after our review. Interestingly enough, it seems that they were selling the "prototype" unit as well. I guess when you start selling the "prototype"; it really stops being one right?

Anyway, we have received a considerable amount of mail on this and I wanted to discuss it openly. Also we have left the door open for Blue Cooling to send us a "non-prototype" unit, but it seems they do not have time to mail us back on the subject. We will certainly follow up on this though.