noblechairs HERO Series Office and Gaming Chair Review

noblechairs impressed us with its ICON series office chair, and now it is back with its HERO series chair. The HERO is built with the same attention to detail that the ICON is, but it is built for larger guys and has an upgraded list of features, along with a bigger price tag. We used the HERO for a month and here are our thoughts on it.



We have made a lot of comparisons between the ICON and the HERO in this review so we wanted to show you those side by side.

The HERO is simply a bit bigger overall in terms of seat depth and width. The HERO seat also has less aggressive bolstering, which is very much welcomed. The HERO seat also has a tiny bit more contouring to it to fit your thighs and butt a bit better. The seat back is of course wider and will offer you a bit more support in the shoulder area. The armrests on the HERO are a bit bigger as well.

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HERO Comfort

Height adjustability on the HERO is excellent. My inseam is 34" and the HERO will adjust high enough that if I hold my feet flat, they will not touch the floor. All the way down and the backs of the front of my thighs are off the seat.

The HERO we are reviewing here is "polyurethane vegan faux leather." We assume that noblechairs added some ground up vegans to the polyurethane mixture. Then again, that would mean our chair would have a face, so I might be mistaken on this. Yes, we joke about this because polyurethane being "vegan" we find laughable. Polyurethane is made from oil, oil is made from dinosaurs, so maybe it is not "vegan?" Anyway... We love the "pleather." It feels good on our legs when we are wearing shorts, it is not too "grabby," and does not get overly hot either. Of course it is warmer than a mesh chair, but the venting in the pleather seems to work very well for us and cools off quick if you get up to grab another bourbon. If you had to write chair reviews, you would drink bourbon too.

In all seriousness, we love the way this chair sits for hours. That said, if you are looking for a fluffy comfy chair, the HERO is not for you. The HERO gives a lot of support in a firm way. First sitting in the HERO we thought that it was going to be too hard as it has "thick cold foam core for extra body support." After about two weeks the foam broke in and formed to our sitting profile. After that, it has been a joy to use, but do keep in mind the chair is firm. The HERO is not a Lazy Boy.

Outside of physical dimensions being near perfect for us at 6 foot tall and 250lbs, the HERO has a the built in lumbar support. This lumbar support is excellent. We have moved on to reviewing another chair now and we miss the lumbar support of the HERO. That said, if you do not need a lot of lumbar support, you simply dial it down. The HERO does ship with head and lumbar support pillows. We found these pillows useless. Keep in mind that I type a lot and generally sit in a very upright position, so if you "lay back" in your chair, you mileage might vary. The head pillow is so big that it pushes my head forward in a Weinstein-esque manner, much like we found on the Corsair T2. The lumbar support pillow is so thick and firm, that if we use it, that is the only place our back touches the chair back.

noblechairs Hero Dislikes

  • Casters are lower quality than expected for the price.

  • Very slight creaks and squeaks, however can be corrected with a bit of lubrication.

  • Takes a couple weeks to break in the firm seating.

  • Included pillows of no value for our comfort.

noblechairs Hero Likes

  • No aggressive bolstering that is uncomfortable!

  • Great looks. Excellent stitching.

  • Very good build quality.

  • Firm comfortable support.

  • Excellent built in lumbar support.

  • Comfortable armrests that lock solidly in place.

  • HERO is built for big and tall guys, or gals.

  • Good height adjustability.

  • Great vegan polyurethane upholstery.

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The Bottom Line

The noblechairs HERO is likely "the best" office chair we have reviewed to date. We are a bit let down with the quality of the casters with the HERO costing $440. At this price we would have liked to have seen a better quality larger diameter caster, or even roller blade type wheels included. However, these casters are not a deal-breaker at all, it just about the only thing we can find to be critical about and truly the only thing that stands out about the HERO as a negative.

The HERO office chair has a bit of that gamer swagger, while not being obnoxious about it. The HERO is a great chair to sit in for hours and hours. It is well built and given how great our ICON has been for the last year, we have no problem suggesting purchasing a HERO if you are looking for a well built piece of furniture that is likely going to be with your for a long long time.

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noblechairs Hero Series Office and Gaming Chair