Enermax EQUILENCE ATX Case Review

The Enermax EQUILENCE comes with a lot of promises, mostly that it is silent. In our experiences however, "silent" cases are usually hotter on your hardware. Enermax has looked to figure that out while giving us an unassuming looking case that has tons of cooling options and features built into a very workable form factor.


The Enermax Equilence exudes quality from the moment you open its shipping box. I’m always concerned with sufficient packaging for tempered glass cases, but Enermax packages this model more than adequately: thick double-walled cardboard, and two thick, large foam bumpers that will resist anything short of a precise, powerful puncture to the middle of the container.

After unpacking the Equilence, my initial impression of its appearance was simply, "this is sleek." Its lines are simple, smooth, and the glossy plastic front panel complements the tempered glass side panel well, and also contrasts with the flat matte black metal top and side panels. The case is clearly built with performance as its top priority and has straightforward looks. While some tempered glass cases are somewhat garish, the Equilence’s appearance is somewhat understated. Unfortunately, the sleekness of the case made it difficult to photograph in all its glory, so please excuse the stock "glamour shot."

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In terms of performance, the Equilence promises to keep your system cool and run quietly even with its stock configuration - two 120mm front intake fans with one 140mm rear exhaust fan. The front intake fans have plenty of room to breathe with the well-ventilated front panel’s sides. Read on for details of how the cooling can be upgraded, and how this case can house your system. We’ll find out whether the Equilence’s performance justifies its $101.53 (with Prime Shipping) price tag.

Before we move on, let's see what Enermax has to say about the Equilence.

EQUILENCE is a top-end, silent computer chassis featuring high density insulation foam on the front, right, and top panel to minimize the noise. With extensive cooling potential, EQUILENCE can support multiple radiators and fans. EQUILENCE comes with 4mm tinted panoramic tempered glass panel for users to show off their precious rigs. This premium silent case incorporates LED lighting surrounding the I/O and ENERMAX logo as power-on indicator, which perfectly blends elegant aesthetics with practicality.

Enermax did put together a 2 minute video that shows off very well the areas of the case that will accommodate radiators and case fans.