The Corsair T2 Road Warrior Gaming Chair was made with us guys that are a bit taller and wider in mind. It has been built with a wider seat, a wider back, and its bolsters are not as pronounced as those we found on the T1 Race chair. We gave the T2 Road Warrior two months of our attention and these are our experiences.



As we mentioned back a page, you can see that the top of the chair curves back over the seat bottom. We asked Corsair about this, and they suggested that it was simply a design element to make it look more like a true "racing seat."

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I used a green ribbon in the above picture so you can easily see it. The top edge of the chair extends out 4.75"/12cm out over the seat back.

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The first picture above is my son sitting in the chair, with it slightly leaned back, which is my basic sitting position. He is 5'8" where I am 6' tall. The second picture above shows where you can see after 2 months, the seat headrest is "stained" where it rubs the back of my head when sitting in it. It is not truly stained, and could be easily cleaned off, but I left it there so that I might better illustrate my issue with it.

I do not sit in my chairs in a slouched position. I have herniated discs at L4 and L5 from a car accident 20 years ago. I tend to keep my spine firmly against the chair back in order to give me the support I need. When doing this, I felt as though the headrest was constantly pushing my head down. I also use a 48" Samsung JS9000 TV as my primary computer display. In my normal seating position, my eye level is about dead in the middle of the display vertically. In order to look at the top of the display I had to constantly crane my neck forward and up in order to see the top of the display. My neck still hurts from doing this. I refer to this as the "Weinstein Headrest," as I always felt the T2 had its "hand" on the back of my head wanting me to do something I was not comfortable with.

If you used the included lumbar pillow that comes the the T2, it is large enough that it moves your body far enough forward that the heat rest position is not an issue, but I do not like using the pillow as I like my back and shoulders to be supported by the seat back. If you watch the Corsair video on page one, you can see this exactly as one of the folks is using the lumbar pillow. Also, if you sit in more reclined position, the head rest again is not an issue, but this is not how I personally use a chair.

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While taking pictures of the chair for this review, I did notice that some of the covering on the bottom of the chair had come loose. Corsair installed these very thin synthetic fabric coverings at the front edge and back edge of the bottom of the seat. These are put there for no practical purpose, other than to make the seat bottom have a more finished look. If you have issue with this, you are easily tear these off if you are seeing those hanging down under the chair. Good idea I guess, but not good execution.


The T2 Road Warrior is a great chair overall. As mentioned previously, it is the "fat boy" model for all of that could barely fit into the T1 Race chair.

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Looking at the T2 side-by-side with the T1, the differences are not terribly obvious. In the video we show you some of the actual measurement differences and certainly the T2 is wider, but not by a lot. Where the T2 gains some of its width is in how the bolsters are done on this chair. When you sit in the T1, I can very much feel the bolsters pushing in on my thighs, my lats, and my shoulders. None of that is apparent with the T2. While the measurements are similar, the design of how the bolsters are implemented is very different and much more comfortable for a wider person.

The seat of the T2 is very comfortable to sit in for hours at a time. The seat did take a couple of days to break in. At first it felt very "grippy," and I think this was due to the material used on the red stripe that runs through it. I could feel it pulling on my clothing. That however went away quickly and did not cause issue.

The armrests seem to be very hard at first glance. However these were extremely comfortable for me. These never once made my elbows hurt. The armrests also move in all directions in order to get this in the right place for me.

The back of the chair has a very good amount of lumbar support. At no time did I feel like I needed more support and it was very comfortable to sit in. No butthurt at all!

The T2 also seems to be very well built. At no time was I distracted by squeak or creaks coming from the chair while moving around it in or leaning back in the chair. The gas lift did not lose pressure over time causing me to readjust it. Everything on the T2 works as it should.

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The one big standout in terms of features are the wheels used on the T2. If you move around a lot in your chair, like I do, you will absolutely love these rollerblade style wheels. I cannot say enough good things about these "casters." These are silent in operation and extremely friendly and forgiving when it comes to your flooring surface. These just make moving around in the T2 extremely easy, quiet, and comfortable. These rollerblade wheels take a little getting used to in that these grip the floor a lot more than traditional casters, but once you get used to the rollerblade wheels, you will likely never want to have a chair again with traditional casters. That said, if you want to retrofit your current chair with these rollerblade wheels, you can pick these up at Amazon for $24. The base on the T2 is aluminum and extremely solid as well. It surely added to overall feeling of stability.

The Bottom Line

My biggest issue with the CORSAIR T2 ROAD WARRIOR Gaming Chair is the way the headrest scoops in over the seat back as described above. This is a deal-breaker for me personally. If your sitting position is very upright, without the included lumbar pillow, this might be of concern for you. However, if you sit in a more reclined position, or use the lumbar pillow, I can see this being of no concern to you at all. Certainly though, it is a "rece chair" design element that could have easily been left off.

The T2 sits great, feels great, and is wide enough for us bigger folks. Many of these bolstered "race" chairs go way overboard on the bolster implementation, but the T2 has mellowed that extreme race chair approach and given us something that is much more usable. My back and bottom were well supported by the chair, and I could sit in it all day without comfort issues in those areas.

If you move around in your chair, the rollerblade style wheels are a godsend on the T2. Once you use these, you will wonder how you did without these for so long. The rollerblade wheels also do a great job when it comes to keeping your flooring looking great and in good repair.

The Corsair T2 Road Warrior pricing varies a bit. The black with yellow accents can be had for $367, while the other color variants come in around $399. Looking around today, I did find that Newegg has the all black model on sale for $350. All those prices do include shipping, something which you very much want since shipping weight is about 60lbs.

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