Cooler Master ML360R RGB AIO CPU Cooler Review

If it is Frag Harder Disco Lights you want, then Cooler Master ML360R RGB All-In-One CPU liquid cooler has that in spades. RGB is nice and all, but how does this AIO do where the rubber meets the road? We strap the ML360R RGB to our highly over-volted and overclocked Ryzen 7 processor and find out.



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The looks of the MasterLiquid ML60R RGB are quite stunning to say the least. There aren’t many 360mm all-in-one coolers out there, and definitely not any others with enough Frag Harder Disco Lights to make the Bee Gees squint. Once again, with a product at this price point we would like to see some more attention to detail with the radiator, and we worry for the glossy plastic finish on the pump.

Installation itself was very simple, CoolerMaster’s mounting system for the AM4 platform continues to be one of the easiest we have encountered. However we would very much like to see some different screws and perhaps some washers included for mounting the radiator to the case, as well as some slightly longer tubing. Wiring however, is another thing entirely. The included ARGB controller is almost too feature rich for its own good. I am a stickler for cable management, and using the ARGB controller, especially with a few additional ARGB case fans and a connection to your motherboard’s ARGB connector, would make for a cable management nightmare. And we still have no idea what that 2-pin to 4-pin male fan, and 4-pin female fan wires are for.

The lighting software is still as daunting as ever, and making custom light shows could take hours. Fortunately you can download different lighting themes through the software if you don’t want to spend the time required. One thing of note is the current version of the software does not have the ML360R RGB listed in it’s configuration page, however in our setup this did not make any difference as all 3 fans were on the same port, with the pump on another.

Cost per Degree

We are also changing this up a bit differently than how we used to do this. Instead of using a stock cooler, we will be using Thermalright True Spirit 140 Direct as our base cooler with a price we are going to lock in at $45. This represents one of the least expensive coolers that will support our Ryzen 7 overclock. To explain the formula we are using for Cost per Degree, it will be the difference in cost between the True Spirit and our review unit, then the delta in cost from our True Spirit divided by our cost delta. So what this gives us in a dollar value per degree for the reviewed cooler over the True Spirit's performance.

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The Bottom Line

While the MasterLiquid ML360R RGB is surely impressive in the looks and performance departments, and comes with a 2-year warranty, it does come at a price. That price is $159.99, putting it second to last in our Cost per Degree chart, beating the only other 360mm all-in-one cooler on our list. This cooler is set to be released and on sale today.

The value on this cooler is going to be very subjective, because it honestly is going to come down to whether your value all the RGB goodness or not. The fact of the matter is that this cooler is not for you if you are not going to use the RGB lighting, which is very well done. The wiring is going to be something to manage, but again, the feature set as far as RGB goes is extremely deep. If you are a diehard RGB fanatic, and have the patience, case space, and funds, the MasterLiquid ML360R RGB may be your holy grail as it has both show, and go.

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Cooler Master ML360R RGB AIO CPU Cooler