Gamdias ACHILLES P1 L Gaming Chair Review

When it comes to the trend of gaming chairs, the Gamdias ACHILLES P1 has some features that you will not find on many gaming chairs. It will satisfy your appetite for having Frag Harder Disco Lights, if that happend to be your thing. It is also separates itself from the heard by giving your a pull out leg rest for when you want to relax and take a nap.



Let's go through the things I do not like about the GAMDIAS ACHILLES P1 L, or things that bugged me.

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The tilt mechanism on the ACHILLES P1 is very solid on this chair. It feels solidly built and does not have any sideways flex. However it is noisy as hell. Moving around in the chair and tilting in it will give you a series of pops, squeeks, bangs, and creaks. I have not lubricated it for review purposes, as I would have if I would have purchased it, but this is a out-of-the-box chair review. And a lot of these sounds are loud.

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We all know that these gaming chairs often come complete with bolsters, just like you would get in a race car seat. The look is great! But the fact of the matter is that bolsters are used to keep you in place while inside a car being thrown around the track, and considering we are having a hard time rolling across the room, the bolsters are not necessary. But they look cool, right? Yes they do. I do not have issue with the bolsters on the back of the ACHILLES P1, but the bolsters on the seat are truly a pain in the thigh. If you have anyone in your household that is on you about "man-spreading," the ACHILLES P1 is the answer to this. In the picture above you can see the height of these bolsters, but what you cannot see is the solid steel tubing that form these...and there is very little padding on these as well. That all said, at no time did I ever feel like I was going to be ejected from the chair due to lateral forces.

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I have already bagged on the ACHILLES P1's casters on the previous page, but these are so bad that they are worth mentioning again, and likely once after this. The casters are not round. This chair is $400 and the fact that these casters are either a cost saving measure, bad design, or simply defective is inexcusable. And it is the "un-roundness" of these casters that keep the chair from rolling easily. If you pick the caster up off the floor, these spin freely and easily.

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As noted previously, the ACHILLES P1 comes with an extremely nice and thick lumbar pillow. It is very well constructed, and very very thick. I like good lumbar support in a chair, in fact I require it. This lumbar pillow is so thick and firm, I have trouble even getting my shoulders back against the chair if I have the pillow in place. If I sit in the ACHILLES P1 with the lumbar pillow, the only place my touches the chair, is the pillow.

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Since you have the Frag Harder Disco Lighting, you have to have power. You plug the chair into your computer's USB port to charge the 20,00mAh battery. I did not test how long the lights the lasted, but these should last a good while. When charging is going on however, you are tethered to the computer. This is not big deal if you do not move around at all, but if you move around a bit, a dangling USB cord attached to you chair is not what you want. GAMDIAS also tells us that the built-in battery can also be used to charge your phone, or other mobile device which is cool, but there is no pocket on the back of the chair to facilitate safe storage while you are doing that.


There are some very nice features to the ACHILLES P1 as well!

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Many times we see these chairs that have brackets that attach the back, left exposed to the side of the chair's back, and those usually have cheap flimsy plastic covers over them, that look....well, cheap. The back on the ACHILLES P1 is fairly wide which allowed GAMDIAS to incorporate that bracket inside the chair back which makes for a very nice looking assembly. This is purely a cosmetic thing, but it gives the ACHILLES a more expensive look.

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The back of the ACHILLES is great in both terms of form and function. It has that gamer chair look without being over the top. It is also very comfortable and has great lumbar support without even needing the included pillow.

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Continuing on with the back of the chair, the ACHILLES will pitch back 50 degrees. So if you want to lay back and relax, it has your name written all over it.

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There are two things that I very much like about the ACHILLES P1 and that is the upholstery and the padding. The upholstery if soft and smooth, but also feels very thick and durable. The upholstery is beautifully stitched and laid out. I very much like the look of this chair. It simply looks expensive. It is a faux leather and it does have perforations in it to allow for airflow. The chair will get a bit hot every now and then, but overall it stays very cool for a pleather chair.

The Bottom Line

The GAMDIAS ACHILLES P1 L (Large) sells for $400 at Amazon with Prime Shipping. Prime Shipping on this is very nice considering the entire box weighs around 70lbs. I don't consider $400 for a good chair a lot, but it is still not "cheap" in any regards. The ACHILLES P1 is very well built. It does not shake, shudder, or flex at all. The padding is just a little more firm than I like, but not much. This chair is not "cushy" in any way. The issues we heard with noises in the tilt mechanism can very likely be addressed with a bit of lube. Where the wheels fall off however is with the casters. If you are not moving around much, then no big deal, but casters that are not round need to be addressed in future models. Bolsters are all great, but ones that dig into your thighs are not, and I would just like to see bolsters done away with on all gaming chair seats. Then again, if you are on the skinner side through the hips, the ACHILLES would probably work for you easily, and the pleather with feel marvelous against your skinny jeans.

One thing I do like is the overall size of the ACHILLES P1. Out of all the chairs we have reviewed it is one of the few that I felt the seat was long enough from front to back. Sitting upright in the ACHILLES P1, the seat edge is about 1 inch from the backs of my knees. All large chairs should be this way, and seat depth is often overlooked. It is built like a tank as well. You will figure that out quickly if you have to pick the box up and move it. With the ACHILLES P1, there is some good, some bad, and some ugly. GAMDIAS needs to have a long conversation with its caster supplier and explain what a circle is assuredly.

Overall, I like the chair and could continue to use it. I very much like the way the seat elevates in back to give your butt more support. GAMDIAS has done a lot of things right with the ACHILLES P1, but it overlooked a couple of details along the way as well.

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