Gamdias ACHILLES P1 L Gaming Chair Review

When it comes to the trend of gaming chairs, the Gamdias ACHILLES P1 has some features that you will not find on many gaming chairs. It will satisfy your appetite for having Frag Harder Disco Lights, if that happend to be your thing. It is also separates itself from the heard by giving your a pull out leg rest for when you want to relax and take a nap.


Gamdias ACHILLES P1 L Gaming Chair Features

So let's just get the whole RGB thing out of the way. On the back of the chair are two loops of RGB lights that can be programmed using the GAMDIAS HERA program. There are several different patterns that can be programmed, and it gives you just about any selection you want in terms of color.

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The Frag Harder Disco Lights are either something you want, or something you don't. For the most part these do look quite "good," but the ones on my chair were not near as smooth in terms of outline and translucence as what GAMDIAS showed us in its marketing video. Below is a video of our chair's lights in action.

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If you go back to the first of the video above you can see the unboxing and build process of the ACHILLES P1, which was straightforward and simple as far as office chairs go.

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You should not have any issue with identifying the brand of your GAMDIAS chair as it is expertly embroidered front and back. The chair also comes with a head pillow that straps on with a big elastic fabric band. We have had some of the chairs that these head and neck pillows are more of a gimmick, but this one really works out well if you want to lean back for a bit. The pillow fits me perfectly and is placed perfectly. Of course your height is going to impact this. I am 6 feet tall.

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What you see in this picture is probably one of my favorite features of the ACHILLES P1. Where most chairs just have a "flat" seat that terminates under the back, the ACHILLES P1 has done something different here. The edge of the seat cushion angles back up towards the back instead of just running out flat under the back. This all makes sense, since your butt is not a perfect 90 degrees at that spot when you are sitting in the chair. This design just feels a lot better to your tushy.

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The back on the ACHILLES P1 is very wide. On these types of gamer chairs, I many times have issues as the back is not as wide as my shoulders. The back on the chair also has very good lumbar support as well. It does come with a lumbar pillow that we will discuss more on the next page.

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This is one of the features that is fairly unique in the world of gaming chairs. GAMDIAS calls it a "footrest." It is very easy to deploy and as you can see in the other pictures, it folds up very nicely out of your way so that you would never know it is there. This thing however is not a "footrest," at least for me. If you had an inseam of about 20 inches, it would be a "footrest." It catches me right above mid-calf. The footrest is built quite sturdily too. It feels solid under you and does not give you the impression that anything is about to break.

That all said, if you like to lay back in your chair, the footrest will actually help you accomplish this and it is fairly comfortable. There is no doubt you could extend the calfrest, lean the chair back, and take a nap. It is however narrow. You can roll off either side of it quite easily, I would guess. I do not sleep in my chair, so your mileage may vary.

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The armrests are nice and solid and adjust about every way you could want. At first the movement of the armrests sliding forward and back was very stiff, but after about a month I had worn those into submission where they move easily. These armrest look to be made out of the same somewhat forgiving plastic that most of these are made out of, but these are made out of a material that has a bit more cushion to it. During the three months that I have used the chair, I have never had issue with the armrests making my elbows sore. These are much more comfortable than they look. The armrests seem very durable too. As far as the arms of the ACHILLES P1 go, they are very solid feeling. No give or flex to these.

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This is my major gripe with the ACHILLES P1, and that is the casters. These casters are horrible. At the $400 asking price, my expectations stretch way beyond what was included on the ACHILLES P1. If you go to the 8:05 mark on the video above, you can hear just how bad these casters are. These casters are not round. Just listen to the video! It is almost like they are hexagonal. They have become a bit "more round" after using these for a few months, but these are still far from "round."

Given that the casters on the ACHILLES P1 are not round, you would be correct if you thought these might not facilitate easy movement on my hardwood floor. I work here in my home office and many times I am just in my socks. I cannot roll this chair around in my socks as my feet do not have enough grip to move it from my desk to the hardware test bench. ACHILLES P1, sneakers required. I had one of my other chairs here in the office just a couple days ago, and went to roll across the floor in it, and I damn near launched myself through the wall. That chair has excellent casters by the way.

I did talk to GAMDIAS about this several months ago when we did the build, and they said they were going to look into this. To date, I have no idea if this has been corrected or not.

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The tilt-back handle on the ACHILLES P1 seems a bit out of position. It is not very easy to grab as you have to force your fingers in between the adjustment lever and the chair padding. It is not that big of a deal, but it just seems like a detail that was overlooked.

The hardware and and fitpoints on the chair are all very solid and sturdy. At no time did I ever feel like it was underbuilt even though I am exceeding its weight limit. All the controls on bottom work as expected. There is nothing special here, but nothing that left me feeling like it had been scrimped on. It is all surely utilitarian in design.