Corsair HS70 Wireless Headset Review

If you are a gamer, which we know most HardOCP readers are, a good headset is likely your lifeline in any online game when it comes to communicating with your teammates or even your adversaries. We have been using Corsair's new HS70 for a month now and wanted to share our experiences with this $100 offering.


Corsair HS70 Mic and Controls

Pulling the HS70 out of the packaging is a rewarding experience. These come out of the packaging feeling extremely well built. You can bend around on the headset and it does not make any cracking or straining noises and does not feel loose in any way. We did find one bit of a scrape on our HS70 coming out of the box, but a quick wipe with some alcohol took this off easily and it was pristine once again. On the right earcup you have your lone power control, which is nice as this should keep you from inadvertently powering these off while reaching for the mic mute. It does take a click and a hold as well, so even a quick click will not power the HS70 off.

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On our left earcup, we have the majority of our controls and ports. The white plug can be left in place if you are not going to use the mic and makes for a much nicer appearance. Your USB charge port is next to that. You then move onto your mic mute button and the volume wheel.

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The mic plugs in firmly. The "only" way the mic is coming back out is if you get a good hold on it and pull it out. It is also keyed so that when it plugs in, it is not moving around at all at the base. The flexible metal mic arm itself easily bends to just about any shape you want, so it is extremely easy to position. And when you put it in place, it stays put.

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The adjustable headband is stiff and is going to hold these to your head, just about no matter what. These arms slide in and and out of the top base as most headsets do. These don't have a lot of throw in terms of sizing, but I wear a 7 3/8 Stetson, and these have more than enough travel to fit my head with a bit of adjustment left over.

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Our final two accessories are the USB dongle and the USB charging cord. The USB dongle is nice and sleek and requires a USB 2 or better port, which should not be an issue on any somewhat modern PC. We have seen USB dongles from Corsair in the past that were rather bulky and could block an adjacent USB port, but they seem to have gotten over adorning these for looks and gone with a nice utilitarian design that should keep most folks happy since it should plug in about anywhere.

Corsair did look to save a bit of money from what I can tell on the USB charging cord. Most of the Corsair mice, keyboards, and headsets I have used in the last year came with a nice cable that had a braided cover. This one is a simple rubber micro-USB cord. If you are going to have to wear these while charging, it would have been nice to see this upgraded a bit, but is certainly not a deal-breaker.

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