Koolance 400A-S Threadripper Water Block V2 Review

Koolance finally has its redesigned version of the CPU-400A-S AMD Threadripper water block out for sale, and we have gotten it through our review testing. Koolance engineers have gone back and fully redesigned this block specifically for Threadripper and it shows both in terms of performance and design.


Koolance 400A-S Water Block V2 Mating

When it comes to running an overclocked Threadripper, one of the most important points you need to pay attention to is mating it correctly with your cooler. We have literally done hundreds of mounts with Threadripper and found what we think to be the best way to apply the TIM. You can read our AMD Ryzen Threadripper TIM Application article to see the process.

After seeing how we have a slightly curved surface on our coldplate, the mating footprint here looks exactly like we thought it would. We are using Prolimatech PC-1 TIM, which is very viscous, but the mating you see below is after we have tested and given it time to flow under heat and pressure.

You will notice that due to our TIM application technique, we have a very good footprint over our active Threadripper dies, which is very important. However, out to the edges you see where we are not mating as well as we would want, due to the slightly convex surface of the Koolance coldpate, and the extremely flat Threadripper IHS. This all makes sense, but how does it impact cooling?

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Koolance 400A-S Water Block V2 Performance

Our water cooling loop is from XSPC and consists of a RayStorm Pro TR4 waterblock, RX480 V3 Radiator, and D5 Photon Reservoir/Pump Combo V2.

Koolance 400A-S Water Block V2 Flow Rate

Flow rate comes through looking excellent for our Koolance block. I will note however that the flow rate tool we use either registers in values of 4.3 or 4.6 liters per minute. While testing flow on the 400A-S, our value would constantly flip back and forth between the two values so we simply reported the midpoint below.

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Koolance 400A-S Water Block V2 Temperature Performance

The Koolance 400A-S V2 does not disappoint in terms of performance, coming within striking distance of our XSPC and HeatKiller leaders. When we test coolers, we keep the ambient temperature on the test bench as steady as possible and if we deviate more than a degree from our targeted 69.5F we start over. So the Koolance has easily scored within the margin of error. Also it is very likely that we are reaching the limits of our extremely capable coolings system.

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The Bottom Line

The original Koolance 400A-S was far and away from a "bad" water block. Koolance's redesign of the 400A-S is near perfection in terms of performance if you are cooling an overclocked AMD Threadripper CPU. Its overall design and hold-down kit are second to none in our opinion and will probably resonate with many HardOCP readers that go for the "less is more" approach. However that is where the new Koolance comes off the rails a bit. Koolance is currently charging $140 for the 400A-S V2. Wow! They are certainly proud of this block. Assuredly, if they can sell as many as they want at that price, more power to them, but when you put it up next to the XSPC and the HeatKiller, it seems to be a little out of its league in terms of value. The HeatKiller has to ship from Europe currently, but the XSPC can be grabbed on Amazon.

Koolance has done an excellent job with its redesign of the 400A-S, it just depends if $40 more is worth it to you. Considering the pricing, we are knocking it back to a Silver rather than a Gold, but that is only because of price.

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