Barrowch Whale Shark Threadripper Water Block Review

The Barrowch Whale Shark Water Block is built specifically for AMD's Ryzen Threadripper processor and its TR4 socket on X399 chipset motherboards. It is one of the best looking water blocks we have seen for Threadripper, and even has an onboard temperature sensor and display right on the water block. Once mounted, how does it cool?

Barrowch Whale Shark Water Block

Barrow is a Chinese company that is no stranger to making water cooling products for enthusiast computer systems. It continually churns out a long line of custom cooling products for all sorts of CPUs and GPUs.

The "Barrowch" name is a brand that Barrow uses to differentiate product lines for the Barrow products. Here is what Barrowch says about that:

BARROWCH is an independent brand specially designed for the high-end water cooling players, especially those who have strong demands for individual personalities. It relies on years of technology accumulation of The BARROW Company, who uses top quality materials, the latest product ideas and the most innovative designs.

From what we can tell, Barrowch is Barrow's high end branding:

We use the highest industrial standards as our benchmark, from product design and development to manufacture, and we strive to demonstrate a whole new experience to our customers. We are committed to making first class water cooling products for the international market, as we innovate and add more and more choices that will be offered to you!

We are not sure if we want a "whole new experience" when it comes to water cooling, but we can surely get on board with first class water cooling products! And as noted, Barrowch is wanting to move it products into international markets outside of China, and that just happens to be how we got hold of our Barrowch water block. One HardOCP reader just happened to have purchased two of these blocks and ended up not using one of those, and sent it over to us for testing. Many thanks!

The Barrowch Whale Shark (PN: FBLTFHAT-04N) is a water block specifically designed for the AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU. As to why one might name a water block "Whale Shark" is a bit beyond us, but I suppose whale sharks do in fact live in water. As you can see below, ours came nicely packed in a black box that has a good bit of wear on it, but keep in mind that it had already changed hands and did not arrive directly from the manufacturer.

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Below are some pictures of our Whale Shark down on our motherboard in action. As you can see, ours came in a silver color. There is no denying that the product looks great and could certainly get some folks attention, which it surely has.

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The most notable claim to fame for the Whale Shark is a temperature sensor inside the block's coolant flow and a OLED display that is on the face of the block itself. We will discuss its performance in the conclusion.

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