SilverStone Strider Titanium ST1100-TI 1100W PSU Review

Silverstone has been very active on small form factor front when it comes to power supplies for a couple of years. Today it totally switches gears and serves up an 1100 watt beast that is fully modular and carries with it the highest efficiency rating on the market. Silverstone says it is the go-to for gaming, folding, mining, scientific calculations, or machine learning.


SilverStoneTek is a company best known for its high quality cases but its product lines extend into other components such as cooling, power, fans, storage, and so on. As a company, Silverstone has built up this impressive product repertoire in a very short time having been founded in 2003. Today, however we are interested in its power supplies which are comprised of the Strider, SFX, Nightjar, Gemini, and Zeus model lines that range from 300W to 1350W DC output. For this review, we are looking at another member of the Strider Titanium line of power supplies, the ST1100-TI, which is produced in conjunction with Enhance.

Enhance Electronics Co. Ltd. was founded almost 30 years ago in 1986. While a major power supply OEM Enhance is not nearly as well known to most users as some other OEMs as its core business focus has been outside of the desktop market in areas such as servers, embedded, and telecom markets. However, its products have started to surface in the US consumer realm in the last year or so under the likes of SilverStone, Silverpower, Antec, Cooler Master, and GIGABYTE, as well as the occasional Enhance branded model.

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1100W of Silver Titanium Stones?

Lately, the power supplies we have been seeing from SilverStone have either been every large capacity units or various small form factor units. Today, the ST1100-TI falls into that former category as it weighs in at 1100W. That makes this unit almost double the capacity of the most recent member of the Strider Titanium line that we have reviewed (ST60F-TI) and the largest capacity of the three members of the Strider Titanium line of power supplies that we have seen. So far, both previous Strider Titanium units have been very nice power supplies but they were completely different units than today's ST1100-TI. So, while we know SilverStone can put out nice units and previous members of this line were very nice, we are in a bit of a new field today with this unit. So, before we get on to testing these units to see how they do, let's see what SilverStone has to say about this unit:

The 80 PLUS Titanium certification represents the pinnacle of power supply efficiency with requirement of at least 90% conversion efficiency even at the very low 10% loading condition. For SilverStone, achieving the highest efficiency is just one aspect to what makes for a technically advanced power supply. The available power also needs to be condensed into a physical package as small as possible so that users can freely utilize it in any case or system with minimal interference. For the Strider Titanium series power supplies, all models are among the smallest in size for their wattage levels. As befitting of being in the Strider series, abundant enthusiasts features are included such as all Japanese capacitors, 3+ regulation, powerful single +12V rail, 24/7 continuous power output at 50, and dual EPS 8pin with multiple PCI-E 8 / 6pin connectors support. For those looking to build the most efficient systems possible with multiple GPUs for gaming, folding, mining, scientific calculations, or machine learning, the 1100W / 1300W / 1500W Strider Titanium series power supplies are definitely the top choices.

With that out of the way, let's move on and see what we have to look forward to when we purchase the SilverStone ST1100-TI power supply in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.