MASTERAIR MA621P Air Cooler for AMD Threadripper

The AMD Ryzen Threadripper is a beast when it comes to overclocking and cooling. Cooler Master steps into the ring with the first Threadripper-specific air cooler that we have come across. We have put it through the paces here on our highly overclocked and overvolted 1950X. Does the MasterAir MA621P have what it takes?

Cooling the Threadripper

We have covered a LOT of cooling solutions for AMD's Threadripper CPU over the last six months. Our last review, which came up a loser, even showed that not all water blocks are up to the task of cooling a highly overclocked 1950X. So far the IceMan and EK Supremecy Evo have not been able to handle the heat. The XSPC Raystorm Pro and HeatKiller Pro have shown to be the best in our testing. We did a year-end round up and the video below will give you a good idea of what these products are all about.

The point being, that even with a full custom cooling loop, cooling an overclocked Threadripper 1950X is not always a "gimme."


Enter Cooler Master's MASTERAIR MA621P! To say I was doubtful that it could handle HardOCP's testing would be an understatement, but not everyone wants to run an AIO or custom cooling loop, so getting the MASTERAIR MA621P onto our test bench was of course a necessity.

The MASTERAIR MA621P comes extremely well packed up and given its immense size and weight, it makes perfect sense. And of course it comes with all the Frag Harder Disco Lights you could possibly want. Well maybe not, but the included RGB LEDs are supported by a host of motherboard companies so that you can match it up with your motherboard's system.

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The presentation on this HSF is great. It feels like you are getting what you are paid for. The mounting kit is not attached, which seems a bit strange since the MASTERAIR MA621P is specific to the Threadripper and its TR4 socket.

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As mentioned, the unit is well packed, and stayed very secure in shipping.

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Once out of the box, you realize the enormous size of the MASTERAIR MA621P. The unit is noted on the box as weighing 870 grams (1.91lbs), however that is the heatsink alone. Once you install the fans, the total weight of the unit reaches 1230 grams (2.7lbs). Also you probably notice all those wires....lots of wires, and we will touch on that in a bit.

This is surely a lot of weight for the board to support. However, the TR4 socket is extremely beefy and I do not see any issues with the socket itself while supporting this behemoth. However, I can see where lower end motherboards with lightweight PCBs might have issue with supporting this cooler. That said, I have not seen any "cheap" Threadripper motherboards yet, and it is highly unlikely that you are going to try to pull off a "budget build" with the X399 chipset platform and quite frankly I would not suggest it if you are planning on hanging this cooler off the side of a lesser motherboard.

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