Far Cry 5 Video Card Performance Review

We test eleven GPU's performance from the low-end, to the top-end in Far Cry 5. Our goal is to find what settings are playable on each video card in Far Cry 5, and to compare the performance. We will also look at AA and Volumetric Fog performance. If you want to find what the best value GPU is for this game, this is for you.


Far Cry 5 was released on March 27th, 2018. Far Cry 5 was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft. Far Cry 5 is an action-adventure first-person shooter video game and the fifth main title in the Far Cry series.

We quickly got into the game ourselves and published a Far Cry 5 Video Card Performance Preview article. In that article we tested only a few of the high-end current GPUs just to get a feel for the game for those playing. We found AMD did well, and overall performance was high in the game.

In today’s full performance evaluation, we are going to take our testing much further. We are now including eleven video cards, from the very high-end GTX 1080 Ti down to the low-tier Radeon RX 460 and GTX 1050 Ti. We will be testing what is playable on each video card as well as comparing each video card to each other at the same apples-to-apples settings. We will be testing AA performance and Volumetric Fog performance. We have sampled VRAM capacity and are also going to look at AA image quality. We are doing this all now having played much further into the game with a brand-new run-through that incorporates all the game mechanics.

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Game Engine and Rapid Packed Math

We covered these things in our Far Cry 5 Video Card Performance Preview but it is worth repeating as it is very important. Far Cry 5 uses the Dunia game engine which dates back to Far Cry 2. The game engine has received major updates along the way, but it’s important to note we aren’t dealing with a new engine here, it is a well optimized engine evolved over time.

One important feature that has been added to the game engine for Far Cry 5 is support for Rapid Packed Math. Rapid Packed Math is a feature introduced on AMD RX Vega GPUs, specifically the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 and 56 video cards. To read up on it there is a whitepaper we made available back in August of last year with information about this feature. If you check out Page 2 in our AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 Video Card Review and start with Page 8-9 of the Whitepaper you can read about Rapid Packed Math.

You can also check out Rapid Packed Math in the official Radeon RX Vega architecture presentation from our AMD Radeon RX Vega GPU Specs and Pricing Revealed article.

The gist of this feature means better performance on Vega GPUs, and it is automatically enabled, there is no in-game toggle for it.

Game Settings

We also went over the game settings in the preview, but we’ll go over it once again to remind ourselves what settings we are dealing with.

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Under the "Quality" tab are the graphics quality settings. Instead of manipulating each one individually you can just use the global "Graphics Quality" selection. It will change all the settings underneath it appropriately. The options are: "Low," "Normal," "High," and "Ultra." Thankfully "Ultra" enables the highest possible settings in the game, there are no hidden settings that can be manually turned up higher like the last game had.

The AA quality settings available are: "Off," "SMAA," and "TAA." SMAA is your best bet for AA reduction with no loss in texture quality and no performance loss. TAA can possibly add some texture blur, and in this evaluation, we are going to find out if that is true or not.

Drivers and Game Patches

Drivers have not changed since the launch of this game the best drivers are still the launch drivers that both AMD and NVIDIA have released on day 1 for this game. From AMD you want to grab: Adrenalin Edition 18.3.4 Optional released on March 26th.

On the NVIDIA side you want to grab: GeForce 391.35 WHQL released on March 27th.

While drivers have not changed, there was a new patch for this game since launch. Even though if you go into the game right now you will see the game version is 1.2.0 (the same version as launch) there in fact was a patch released since launch. The update came out earlier this month and the update is called Title Update 4. Note that all of our testing is done post-patch, so it does represent the latest patched version of the game.


In the preview article we used two different run-throughs at the beginning of the game. Now that we have taken the time to play the game’s campaign, we have a better feel for the game’s performance and a better real-world gameplay run-through. Though our run-through is over five and half minutes, it incorporates many gameplay features.

We use binoculars to view into the distance and tag targets, we do some long-distance sniping, and up-close combat, and we take over two outposts and also blow up a shrine in our face. We also blow up some other things creating havoc and particles. We also have part of the run in the deep forest with lots of vegetation. The overall performance of our run-though is lower, with less high-points in FPS than the first two run-throughs were in the preview, therefore this is a more intense run-through graphically.