Barrowch Threadripper Water Block Breakdown

Barrow is not a terribly well known name in North America when it comes to water cooling products, but it does produce what is surely top-shelf looking components. Its "Barrowch" line of coolers is supposed to be its best in terms of design and engineering. We breakdown its Whale Shark built for Threadripper and socket TR4.

Recently we reached out to Barrowch in order to see if we could get a sample of its Threadripper water block that it calls the "Whale Shark." While I have no idea about the name, the water block is a great looking product.

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Barrowch representatives never got back to us on our requests for a sample part to review, but one reader that was paying attention, ponied up to help us out. He had purchased two of these at an earlier date and decided not to use he second unit, so he sent it to us, free of charge, for review. Many thanks Mr. Chang!!

This block is not inexpensive when it comes to sourcing in the US. Currently at eBay it is $181.00. It can be found less expensively at retailers overseas however.

One of the big draws for this block is sort of gimmicky. It has an OLED screen located on the block's top-plate that will show the user the coolant temperature after it moves across the mico-fins. The OLED is tiny and probably not easily seen in your case, so the usefulness of this feature is arguable. However, it surely gives you an good data point if you are interested in that sort of thing. I know I am.

Below is our unboxing and breakdown of the Barrowch Whale Shark.

As outlined in the video, the micro-fin configuration is not optimal given our experiences with past Threadripper water blocks. You can see our AMD Threadripper Water Block Cooler Roundup for 2017 to reference some of the other coolers we have reviewed. The first Koolance block we reviewed had a similar micro-fin configuration to the Whale Shark, and Koolance agreed with us on turning the fins 90 degrees to allow for coolant flow across the long side of the Threadripper dies as is shown in its second version of the block (soon to be reviewed). So while the Whale Shark has a sufficient micro-fin footprint to actually cover the active Threadripper dies, we are a bit concerned with the orientation of those. Surely testing will let us know if we are right or wrong on this. Review coming soon.