Koolance 400A-S Threadripper Water Block V2 Breakdown

Koolance, not a company to twiddle its thumbs, has been working on gettings is newly designed AMD Ryzen Threadripper water block into the market. We have the first sample in the wild, and as we have done in the past, we show you the unboxing, then break it down to see what all changes have been made inside.

We told you last week that Koolance had made available its water block hold-down kits in retail. When Koolance told us this, it also let us know that it was shipping its new version of its Threadripper water block. We did our original Koolance 400A-S TR4 Threadripper CPU Water Block Review in December of last year. We also included the first version of the 400A-S in our year end round up of Threadripper water blocks, and it did very well cooling our highly overclocked 1950X.

At that time, Koolance was very open about the fact that it was then incorporating its Intel water block technology in that block, and that the Threadripper water block would be redesigned in 2018. After our testing last year we gave Koolance a list of our suggestions as to what design changes should be incorporated, and it looks to us that Koolance engineers agreed with all of our suggestions, as those are included in the new version of the 400A-S.

The micro-channel and micro-fin footprint has been extended to fully cover the Threadripper die packages, and the coolant flow has been rotated 90 degrees so that the coolant flows across the long side of both dies.

The changes shown in the video should greatly impact the 400A-S water block's cooling ability. The Koolance 400A-S V2 will be available for purchase next month at the Koolance site. Its excellent hold-down kits containing the high spring rate springs that we like so much are available for purchase as well.