Ncore V1 No Frame Water Block Prototype Sneak Peek

Ncore is a prototype water block that has made its way to us for testing, and it is interesting enough for use to give it some test bench time. This V1 model of the Ncore uses the LGA 1151 socket to mount it to your delidded Intel processor. This block is tiny compared to almost any other air or water cooler on the market. Let's see what it is about.

Ncore V1 No Frame Water Block Prototype Sneak Peek

We just got this Ncore water block in this weekend and wanted to give our readers a look at what it is all about. When we originally saw it over a year ago, the whole thing seemed a bit far-fetched. Not using any type of mounting frame seemed a bit wonky, and the size of the water block is a bit amusing as well.

Let's have a good look at how this mounts to our Intel CPU, and then let's take it apart and see what is on the inside.

Worth mentioning is that the top-plate is brass, not copper as I stated in the video.

Arek Tobiszewski, the small business owner at NUDEcnc, deserves some props for putting his money where his mouth is. He could have easily steered clear of our previous forum thread, but he did not. While it took a bit longer to get a sample than we expected, it is here now, and we will start putting it through its paces.

Arek is launching his Kickstarter campaign on April 1st, and he has asked us to hold our full review till then, which we agreed with. It would seem to me that he is very confident of his Ncore V1 water block.