Gamdias ACHILLES P1-L RGB Gaming Chair Build

Gamdias is a company that is new to us and primarily focuses on keyboards, mice, and headsets. It is getting into the "gaming chair" market in the USA. It's first chair available here is the ACHILLES P1-L. The "L" stands for "large," so maybe we can fit into this one. Complete with footrest and RGB lighting, we show you the build and our first thoughts.

Gamdias ACHILLES P1-L RGB Gaming Chair Unboxing & Build

Just when you think Frag Harder Disco Lights could not permate anything else, we bring your the Gamdias ACHILLES P1-L RGB Gaming Chair! Now, in my old-fart ways, I am not truly concerned about the RGB lighting effects on the ACHILLES. However, when my 15 and 17 year old children saw the RGB lights working on the ACHILLES, they went a good way. So of course beauty, and value for that matter, is in the eyes of the beholder. And we do give you a look at those lights in action in the video below.

The ACHILLES P1-L is very much designed in the recent gaming chair fashion that follows the design queues from actual seats used in car racing. The ACHILLES P1-L is selling for $400 to $430, so while not tremendously expensive, it is far from cheap.

So I have been using the ACHILLES for a couple of days now, and I do find it comfortable, but it feels a bit odd to me. This is likely because I am coming to it from a chair that is on the other end of the chair design spectrum, the Pursuit Ergonomic Chair. The casters are of my biggest concern as you can see in the video. We will use it for at least a month and see how it all turns out.