IceMan Ryzen Threadripper CPU Water Block Review

IceMan Cooler is not exactly a well known name in North America, but in December we had a few folks ask for a review of its Threadripper water block, so we reached out, and IceMan sent us its water block. Everything looked great till we tried to use it. And of course being able to use it is slightly important, if you want to cool your Threadripper.

IceMan Ryzen Threadripper CPU WaterBlock

IceMan's online presence does not exactly inspire confidence. Its retail site, notes its latest news being from 2013, but it does show a couple of updated product categories as you can find a GTX 1080 GPU cooler listed. We ended up being successful in making contact using its Facebook page and IM. There is even a video of this Threadripper block in all its Frag Harder Disco Light glory. Whatever may be the case, IceMan does not seem to exist on marketing, but rather word-of-mouth from what we can tell. And going through the photos on its Facebook page, it does some visually impressive work to be sure.

We did our unboxing and breakdown back on January 9, and we got to testing right after that, and started running into issues immediately. More on that later.

At first blush, the IceMan water block looks very much like our XSPC and Bykski blocks that we saw early on, and with that said, we can find this IceMan block dating back to August of last year. So while we are just getting to this water block in terms of review, it looks to have had a lot of time to mature in terms of design.

The IceMan block came to us in a plain black box with its logo on top, which is done nicely, however the box looks to have taken a lot of wear.

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The model number of our block is "ICE-TR4-B1," which makes sense since this is for socket TR4 and ours has a black top-plate.

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The IceMan TR4 water block is impressive to look at and feels the same in hand. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it is hard to suggest that this block is not easy to look at. Even without its Frag Harder lights, the black and clear make for a great showpiece should you wish to make it so in your Threadripper build.

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Everything is well put together and as you can see from the side, the acrylic plastic that makes up the body of this block is certainly substantial. Below is the only picture we took before we had done any test mounts, so below you are seeing it in virgin form. The mating surface on the cold-plate was free of defects and as close to "perfect" as it could be when we took it out of the box. Rest assured, that is a picture of the reflection of the wall over my test bench on the IceMan's cold-plate.

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