How To Install the AMD Threadripper CPU

We have shot a lot of AMD Threadripper videos since its launch. During that time, we have shown various videos about install differences that surround Foxconn and Lotes TR4 sockets that are used on motherboards. We continually get asked about actual install of the CPU so we finally took the time to show you exactly how we do it.

How To Install the AMD Threadripper CPU

We wanted to take the time to show our readers exactly how we install AMD Threadripper CPUs. We have discussed this in passing in a lot of the videos we have produced on Threadripper in the past year, but we have never broken it down in a simple and short video and addressed the installation on some of the TR4 sockets that can be a bit "stubborn." It is worth mentioning that the way we install the Threadripper does not use the same process that AMD suggests, however we think that the way we go about it can surely alleviate some of problems enthusiasts run into.

The biggest issue I think that impacts people installing the Threadripper is that they are concerned with being a bit too heavy-handed. Do not be afraid to put a lot of force behind it where you need to, because the TR4 socket is incredible robust in its design and strength. Conversely, whatever you do, DO NOT EVER touch any of the pins down in the socket for any reason whatsoever. Those 4,094 pins might has well be angle hair, and are not to be disturbed. Beyond that however, we have abused these TR4 sockets and those have taken everything we have thrown at them.

We do suggest installing your Threadripper CPU into the TR4 socket before you install the motherboard onto the motherboard tray. Make sure you have it on a stable surface that will not damage the back of the motherboard. The way you can use as much pressure as needed to push down onto the socket screws and not be concerned with over-flexing the PCB and causing damage to it. Make sure you statically discharge yourself before working on your motherboard out of the case (or in the case for that matter). With that said, go forth and install!

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