Cooler Master ML120L RGB All-In-One CPU Cooler Review

Cooler Master has recently revamped its entire line of All-In-One liquid CPU coolers, and it has specifically addressed putting a lower priced product into the market with its "Lite" series of AIOs that it says are "An easy, reliable and low noise plunge into liquid cooling." Let's see how its smallest radiator stands up to an overclocked Ryzen CPU.


Cooler Master ML120L

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Package & Specs

The ML120L came packaged in typical AIO fashion, albeit with a small dent on the corner from shipping. The outer box is printed well and provides good information about the unit including hints of it's hrag harder goodness within. The molded inner compartment is thick cardboard and everything arrived individually packed with no damage.

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Dimensions: (W)157mm x(H)27mmx(D)119.6mm(without fan)

Material: Aluminum radiator with copper water block

Recommended TDP: Unspecified



  • LGA 2066
  • LGA 2011(v3)
  • LGA 1366
  • LGA 115X
  • LGA 775
  • AMD

  • AM2(+)
  • AM3(+)
  • AM4
  • FM1
  • FM2(+)
  • Fan:

  • Size: 120mm x 25mm
  • Speed:2000 RPM (Max)
  • Air Flow: 66.7 CFM
  • Static Pressure: 2.34mm-H2O [LI]Noise: 30 dBA (claimed)
  • Contents

    Digging into the box reveals everything you need, and some interesting additions. Included with the ML120L is a all the mounting hardware you need, as well as a small syringe of Mastergel thermal compound. Where it gets interesting is in the RGB department. Cooler Master supplies a 3-way RGB splitter for connecting the pump and fan(s) to either an RGB header on your motherboard, or to their included wired controller. The controller has 3 buttons for controlling mode, color, and brightness of both the fan and pumps RGB LEDs.

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    The machining on the coldplate is quite nice. The hoses have a braided sleeving on them that gives a good quality feel. The coldplate is slightly convex on one axis, and almost perfectly flat on the other, we will have to see what if any difference this makes in it's performance.

    Installation & Contact

    Installation was fairly easy on our AM4 system. The ML120L uses U-shaped plates that screw to the cooler for mounting to the stock AM4 clips and backplate. After attaching the mount to the cooler base, it attaches using the familiar "hook" system to our stock AM4 mounts. The opening in the hooks could be a little larger though, as it was a bit of a struggle to get them both locked on to our motherboard. The screw holes on the radiator were well tapped and free of debris or paint making installation of the fan and mounting easy and the hoses are quite supple.

    The pump and fan are both powered via motherboard headers, but also have a 4-pin RGB wire to connect to the splitter, then on to the included controller, or to an RGB header on your motherboard. The controller gets power from a molex to 2-pin connection.

    Pictures of the mate were a bit difficult to obtain due to the previously mentioned mounting clips being quite tight, so we have provided 2 to get a clearer picture.

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