IceMan AMD Threadripper Water Block Breakdown

AMD's Threadripper CPU is finding its way into many computer hardware enthusiasts' HEDT systems, and if you are looking to overclock it to the edge-of-the-envelope 4GHz, you are very possibly going to look to custom loop cooling. We just got in the IceMan Threadripper block and we tear it down to see how it is designed.

After we did our AMD Threadripper Water Block Cooler Roundup for 2017, one of our readers asked why we had not covered the IceMan TR4 block. Well, at that time I had never heard of IceMan. I reached out to IceMan on Facebook (yeah, I know), and got a quick response and asked him to send HardOCP his TR4 block. We just got that in, and here is the quick unboxing and we take it apart to see what is inside.

Our first concerns pop up in hold-down springs as these seem very weak compared to what we have had best results with in other Threadripper water blocks. Second I have issue with the coolant flow path following the dies longitudinally instead of being turned 90 degrees and flowing across the short side of the die. But, who the hell knows.

We need to put it on the Threadripper at 4GHz and find out for sure, and that is what we will surely do this week. Thanks to IceMan for sending his water block over for testing. Criticisms aside, it looks to be an incredibly well designed and put together block that is very appealing aesthetically.