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Phanteks Glacier G1080 Video Card Water Block Review

Do you have the desire to run your high-end NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti at crazy sustained clock rates, with core temperatures just about 10 degrees C over ambient, and doing all that while in near silence? Phanteks has the answer for you with its Glacier series G1080 custom cooling system for your GeForce card. Frag Harder Disco Lights included.

Phanteks Glacier G1080 Water Block

We are using the Phanteks Glacier G1080 block on our Founders Edition GTX 1080 Ti. Phanteks makes GPU blocks for a whole host of GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 cards that can be found by clicking the compatibility tab on its spec page.

Phanteks recently impressed us with its Glacier C399A water block for AMD's Threadripper, so when it asked us if we wanted to take a look at its G1080 block, we gave them a big thumbs up. If you are a water cooling kind of guy, simply gazing on the G1080 will leave you impressed.

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The G1080's cold plate is machined from a single piece of copper that is then nickel plated. The front covers you see are aluminum, and those are sandblasted to give a matte texture and then anodized black. The entire front cover is made of acrylic so you can see all the cooling fun going on inside. The window is sealed with a DuPont "Military Grade" Viton O-Ring. Viton is pretty tough stuff that has incredible chemical resistance, heat resistance, and withstands compression for long periods of time, so this mention is a bit more than marketing.

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The top block that will accept your fittings appears to be made of acetal plastic, however I cannot find this in the specifications. The fittings are configured to enter and exit 90 degrees to the card which many of those building a custom loop like to see. You can plumb to enter and exit on the same side of the card, or you can plump a "passthrough" type of design. And of course Phanteks supplies you with the needed plugs.

Phanteks does not sell a custom backplate for the G1080, but instead it utilized the stock backplate of our Founders Edition video card.

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The G1080 is a "full coverage" block in that it cools much more than the GPU. It also has mating surfaces for the VRAM and some VRM components.

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The machining on the back is done well, but not perfectly. And the finish on the back also had some "smudges" on the nickel plating that we could not remove no matter how hard we tried.

The quick video below shows an unboxing of the G1080 that captures exactly how everything is packed and what all else is in the box. Phanteks does quite a good job on the presentation side of things.