Nitro Concepts S300 Gaming Chair Review

Nitro Concepts is a new name in gaming chairs here in North America, but the company does have a somewhat of a good pedigree. Today we are reviewing the first Nitro Concepts chair available in USA, the S300. The S300 is a more cost conscious chair, but still carries with it a German engineered design.


Nitro Concepts S300 Specifications.

I stand 6 feet tall and weigh in at 235lbs, so I am far from a "small guy." The S300 fits me very well. The S300 is rated to carry 300lbs.

My only "complaint" might be that the seat could be a bit deeper for my dimensions. It is just a bit under 17 inches from front to back. This could be extended by about 1 or 2 inches and it would fit me better. The seat is about 18 inches wide at its widest point, as it is not exactly square. I fit into the seat fine, but the bottom is bolstered up a bit at the edges so it gives you that "held in place" feel. The seat back is bolstered as well, but even as wide as I am, I don't very much touch those sitting up in the chair.

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Nitro Concepts Aesthetics and Build Quality

As far as "gaming chairs" go, the S300 is fairly tame in terms of aesthetics, especially in its all black upholstery. The all black is fairly demur in its appearance although it does have a fairly outstanding geometric outline as the design has many points on it that are hard angles instead of sweeping curves. The other colors the S300 comes in are somewhat "bold," especially when you get to the colors like the Atomic Green. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that... I like the looks of the S300 in the black. It is not over the top while still having an aggressive styling to it.

This chair upholstery is fabric. This is the first fabric chair I have used in a long long while. The covering seems to be very well sewn and the stitching shows to be excellent.

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The base on the S300 is made of Nylon plastic, which is surely a cost-saving decision. It has not shown to be flexible and it has held the gas piston in place properly without any creep further into the base in the weeks that I have used it. The casters are 50mm in diameter, which is a bit smaller than ones we are used to seeing on other chairs.

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The controls on the S300 are all to the right side of the seat. While not exactly having an high-end look to these, both operate as you think they would and have never felt cheat while using these. The seat height adjust have a good throw to it, with the top of the seat being about 16 inches high at full-low, to 21 inches at full-high. You can lay the seat nearly fully flat should this be your thing. The rocker mechanism will allow you to pitch back 14 degrees and has a tension spring to let you dial in the resistance to pitching back.

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The armrests on the S300 are adjustable. The armrests will slide forward or back and also you can twist these to adjust the angle in or out. And of course you can adjust these up and down. The rests are very rigid, but these do have give to them.

The distance between the armrests is adjustable as well, but this is not a tool-less function. There are three bolts on the bottom of the chair that will let you spread these wider than shown in our pictures.

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The S300 comes with two included pillows, one for your head and one for your back. These are actually done very well. Both have straps to hold these in place which work well. Certainly the location straps detract from the looks of a chair, but these do work well for keeping the pillows where you want them, and that is most important.

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The frame of the chair is steel and looks and feels very heavy. The hardware that holds everything together is well done and fits and functions as it should. The strapping under the seat padding is also very heavy as well.

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