noblechairs ICON Series Desk Chair Review

While our previous reviews have been of "gaming" chairs, we today move to a more sophisticated take on your computer furniture needs with the noblechairs ICON series seating. This chair is described by the maker as being in the luxury category but carries with it a sub-$400 price tag.

noblechairs ICON Series Desk Chair

Today's review is of the noblechairs Icon Series built in black with red stitching. This model ICON sells for $369.90 at Amazon with free shipping, and sells at Newegg for $369.90 with free shipping.

We have been trying to use each chair we review for about a month before doing our review so we can give you a bit better evaluation of how the chair truly performs. Due to some personal circumstances, I have actually used the noblechairs ICON since August the 3rd. So we are just a week shy of using this chair for 3 months. All said that should make our review even better from an evaluation standpoint.

noblechairs came to us and allowed us the option of reviewing the real leather or faux leather version of the ICON chair and we decided to go with the faux leather version in black with red stitcing. The leather icon runs about $210 more.

Here is what noblechairs has to say about its ICON, and it draws heavily on an automotive heritage.

Taking the luxury and unrivalled attention to detail of the noblechairs lineup and blending it with an uncompromising aesthetic, the ICON has a style that embodies the adage that quality speaks for itself. Employing 100% PU imitation leather and enhanced ergonomics and adjustability, this is the perfect chair for those who demand unambiguous durability and strive for the best.

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You don't need to be at the wheel of a race car to be going places and the noblechairs ICON Series in Black/Red is the embodiment of this. Sheathed in none other than the finest high-grade, 100% vegan, PU imitation leather and drawing bold inspiration from its relatives on the racetrack, it successfully blends the timelessness and restraint of the Black/Black model with striking red diamond pattern stitching. The end result is a melange of dark and distinguished executive on the one hand and the power redolent of a racecar on the other.

Now whether or not this chair is vegan, I am not sure, and frankly I do not care, but I certainly do not hold that against this chair either, but given that it is "cow-free" I guess we will let that marketing point slide.

One thing I do know about is sitting in the seats of racecars. I do not see this chair being "race car" inspired. Quite frankly, that is one of the reasons I picked it, because it looked elegant instead of having this crazy bolstering that we see on many of these chairs today. However, I would suggest that this seat does take some of its inspiration from the automotive industry. Keeping in mind that noblechairs is a German company, the first thing that went through my mind when I sat it in was that it was seat out of a Mercedes Benz from the early 90s. Whether that is good or bad we will discuss that a bit later.

noblechairs ICON Assembly

Below is our assembly video which we do with all the chair we review. It is not heavily produced, but rather we just turn the camera on and show you the build. That way you get to see the packaging and overall build process and how long it takes us, and of course we discuss construction along the way. The original discussion thread is located here.