Intel Coffee Lake Core i5-8600K vs 7600K at 5GHz Review

If you were waiting for huge IPC gains out of the new Coffee Lake CPU from Intel, you might be waiting for a very long time. We take the Intel Coffee Lake Core i5-8600K CPU and match it up GHz to GHz with the Intel Core i5-7600K Kaby Lake processor. And we throw in a Ryzen 7 at 4GHz just for fun.


Synthetic Arithmetic Benchmarks & RAM Bandwidth

As always, synthetic benchmarks are a good marker for performance, but are far from the end-all be-all of the CPU measuring stick. That said, if you find more value in these, then so be it. We generally use these for finding out if anything is "wrong" rather than when something is "right."

SiSoft Sandra 2017

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While we expected the 8600K to be on par with the 7600K here, that was not the case, both Intel systems are at 3600MHz with identical timings, while the Ryzen 7 is at 3200MHz. Given the immaturity of new Z370 chipset UEFI, we will likely see this tuned better in the future.

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This synthetic benchmark scales almost exactly as you think it would, comparing 4 cores to the new 6 cores of the 8600K

Hyper Pi

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This seemed a bit odd to us, so going back over and double checking our clocks and timings showed us that everything was "perfect" in our settings.


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Again we see the same scaling between the 8600K and 7600K both at 5GHz.