GIGABYTE AX370 Gaming K7 AM4 Motherboard Review

GIGABYTE’s AX370 Gaming K7 is in many ways the motherboard the AX370 Gaming 5 should have been. GIGABYTE has a habit of creating multiple SKUs with differences that are so minor that one can’t help but wonder why two separate models exist when they are almost indistinguishable from one another.


Motherboard Overclocking Software

As expected, GIGABYTE includes its App Center with the AX370 Gaming K7. GIGABYTE’s App Center is a common launcher for a host of other applications. For the purpose of this article, we don’t care about most of them. EasyTune, SIV, and RGB Fusion are the only ones we are concerned with. EasyTune allows for tuning within the Windows environment and provides some PC health monitoring capabilities. SIV, or the System Information Viewer is a utility that derives this name from one of the least important features of the tool. It does provide system information, but is primarily for fan control. Thus, the name makes little sense as providing system information is the smallest portion of what it does.

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GIGABYTE’s App Center launcher looks like any standard Windows folder with a different color scheme on it. Any applications you have installed in App Center show up in there and are launched simply by double clicking them. Once in EasyTune, you will find it remarkably easy to understand. Categories for settings are found in tabs at the top of the application window. Settings changes are highlighted to indicate they’ve changed. As one might expect, EasyTune does offer some basic automatic overclocking. There are two ways this is typically accomplished. The first is to simply provide conservative presets which should work for most people. To be honest, these usually work although you barely get an overclock worth talking about. The second method is to have the software automatically search for the best settings to use. To be honest, I’m not sure how every company does this behind the scenes. The only company that shows you anything in this area is ASUS. I can’t speak to how GIGABYTE does it, but I can tell you that the software never goes beyond the highest preset profile value making the tuning process unnecessarily long and redundant.

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The application follows a logical workflow and is generally easy to use and work with. Values can be changed either through simple sliders or via drop down menus. Menus for advanced CPU OC and DDR OC are laid out in a similar fashion. The software does have a few limitations as it can’t do everything that’s in the UEFI BIOS. That said, I believe very few people will use the software over the UEFI BIOS for anything more than hardware monitoring and possibly fan control. Even if you choose to use EasyTune, the software is very capable and has a very forgiving learning curve to it.

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I used to hate the system information viewer or SIV and its separation from Easy Tune. These days I think the utility should be called something else, as system information is just a small part of what it does. The application should really be a fan control application and marked as such to make it more user friendly. GIGABYTE’s fan control has evolved over the years but still lags ASUS and now MSI. Everything is present as you’d imagine, though it lacks fan spin up and down speed control. This is probably the greatest omission from the design. In addition to fan control, system alerts with configurable thresholds are available for adjustment in SIV.

RGB Fusion

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RGB Fusion is GIGABYTE’s LED control application. It is a very simple tool that offers relatively straight forward configuration of onboard LED’s through a color wheel interface. Brightness can be controlled along with visual effects. Visual effects and lighting can be configured by independent zones under the advanced menu. Profiles can be created or loaded from this menu as well. These can be exported and imported as needed.