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XSPC RayStorm Threadripper Waterblock on Ryzen 7

If you could mount your Threadripper custom cooling waterblock on your socket AM4 Ryzen 7 CPU, wouldn't you? Of course the answer is yes. However, the results turned out a bit different than we thought those might.

XSPC RayStorm for Threadripper

If you are not up to date with our our XSPC cooling and Threadripper experiences, we have been having a lot of fun with the new Threadripper and cooling hardware lately. Most everything important can be seen in this review.

Our XSPC RayStorm waterblock came with a prototype mount that had socket AM4 mounting points. So of course we wanted to put it on an AM4 system just to see what results we would get. We figured that the TR4 block would certainly fare better than the AM4 block. We used the new ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Extreme motherboard.

This is our XSPC RayStorm sTR4 waterblock mounted on the Crosshair VI Extreme.

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The RayStorm Neo sTR4 is the biggest and highest performance CPU block XSPC have ever made. Not only does the copper base plate cover the whole of the IHS, but the fins cover all of the Threadripper's dies. The RayStorm Neo sTR4 offers unparalleled cooling for Ryzen Threadripper CPUs.

Each waterblock is carefully machined from pure copper and acrylic, while the hold down bracket is machined from solid aluminium. As with all XSPC products, no aluminium is used in the coolant flow path.

And our XSPC RayStorm Pro AM4 waterblock mounted on the Crosshair VI Extreme.

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The RayStorm Pro is the highest performance and best quality waterblock XSPC have ever made. The waterblock top and new high performance base are CNC machined from pure copper, while the bracket is made from cnc'd aluminium with an acrylic insert for LED lighting. This give the block a solid and premium quality, appearance and feel.

We overclocked our Ryzen 7 1700X to 4GHz and locked down the vCore to 1.439v so we would not get any vCore fluctuations under load. (CPUz reports vCore incorrectly below.) We used Prime95 (Small FFTs) as our load and loaded the system for 45 minutes, after heat-loading the radiator with a pre-run. Prolimatech Pk-1 Nano Aluminum Thermal Compound (10.2w/m-k thermal conductivity) TIM was installed. We do monitor intake and exhaust temperature of the radiator during testing to keep the intake temperatures equal during testing.

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I know what you are thinking, these results are not correct. I thought the same thing. These results were checked....and checked again, and all data lines up as above. The RayStorm Pro AM4 did a better job at cooling our Ryzen 7 than our RayStorm TR4 block.

Talking to XSPC about this test initially, they stated they did not expect to see much difference but they did expect the TR4 block to come out on top.

Keep in mind that for this testing we are still using our own mounting hardware. (XSPC mounting hardware came in while writing this.) When sharing the results of the test XSPC told us, "It could be down to the mounting hardware. In our own testing the sTR4 block is came out slightly on top, but there wasn’t a significant difference."

The Bottom Line

While we had delusions of grandeur about our TR4 block (expected price of ~$99.99) coming in and blowing away our AM4 waterblock (RayStorm Pro AM4 at $76.48), that did not seem to be the case. The XSPC RayStorm Pro is purpose made for AM4 systems, and does an excellent job cooling those. While dialing in our new HSF/AIO testing platform, the Thermright TRUE Spirit 140 Direct was able to stabilize a 4GHz 1700X overclock at 85c core temperature, but keep in mind this was done on a different motherboard with a different vCore, so not directly comparable to the results here. On that system, the XSPC TR4 RayStorm gave a solid 15c delta.

Given that XSPC seems to think our mounting system may be impacting our TR4 block temps, we will likely go back and revisit those again in the future now that we have the mounting hardware that is going to be sold with the retail RayStorm kits.

While this is an extremely small sampling, it would not seem that spending the extra cash on a Threadripper waterblock for your Ryzen 7 system is the way to go, at least not for big gains.


Followup: Just got around to pulling the RayStorm Pro off of the AM4 system. One of the things that XSPC talked about above is proper mounting which I used for the AM4 block. The mating was excellent, flowing a lot of TIM from the mating surfaces.

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You can find XSPC's products at Amazon.

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