AMD Threadripper Gooseberry HEDT World Record

This was a Blender benchmark that I was not familiar with till yesterday, but after running it a few times and looking around the Net, I came away very impressed with our rendering time with Threadripper overclocked to 4GHz across all 16 cores.

Overclocking Threadripper to 4GHz

So this weekend I have been working on testing our new XSPC RayStorm and Bykski waterblocks. (You can see the articles we have written in the last couple of week here, and see a bunch of the videos on the HardOCP TV Youtube channel.)

In a discussion last night, a commenter asked about the Threadripper score at 4GHz using Gooseberry Production Benchmark File. Looking up information on it, this is what I found.

It's about time to share a benchmark for production quality renders - something nice and heavy, taking 8-12 GB memory and requiring an hour to render in a minimal quality!

Blender also links this benchmark on its Demo Files page, so this seems legit, and has this to say about it.

File from the Gooseberry open movie project, heavy render test for big systems.

So after finishing up testing on our XSPC and Bykski waterblocks, I thought I would give our Threadripper a dose of Gooseberry.

Gooseberry Production Benchmark Result

I have screenshotted our results below, but what I think we have is a "world record" for a desktop system. The Cosmos Laundromat does note one render time that is faster, but it is attributed to a 28-core/56-thread Xeon system (1,133 seconds). I look forward to seeing other scores noted in our HardForum discussion thread linked below. (I know we have some Threadripper owners in the ranks.)

Worth noting on the power and temperatures shown below is that this Threadripper system has been dialed in to be stable with running Prime95, using Small FFTs, for over an hour. During those runs CPU Package Wattage exceeds 360W. Given that Blender at the power usage shown below with Gooseberry is about 18% lower than Prime95, I would suggest that we could certainly decrease the vCore and vSOC for the Gooseberry test, which of course is a real-world usage scenario. However, many of us enthusiasts still like to dial in around Prime95 for stability testing, as we like to think that it gives us a "bulletproof" profile that is hard to crash in daily driver usages.

Our Gooseberry render time was 22 minutes 53.09 seconds, or 1,373.09 seconds.

Update: Already bested my score to 22 minutes 27.49 seconds.

Update 2: 22 minutes 18.24 seconds (1,338.24 seconds)

Article Image

Our score below with monitoring was a just a bit slower, but this was because I was poking around under the hood while the render was running to see what was going on.

Article Image

The Bottom Line

So all the results I have found for the Gooseberry benchmark are not exactly new and I could not find a more recent database, so maybe we do not have a HEDT "world record" for this. I know our HardOCP readers will hold our feet to the fire on this for sure and I am certainly interested in feedback.

All said, if you are into content creation, this benchmark is proabably a bit more valuable than Cinebench when it comes to actually ferreting out Threadripper advantages.

I look forward to seeing more scores posted in the discussion! Of course I am going to play with this a while and see if we can push past our 4GHz clocks and get the render time a bit faster. But for now, we all have a score to beat. No matter what you say, AMD and Ryzen have made being a computer hardware geek fun again.


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