NZXT Kraken X62 All-in-One CPU Liquid Cooler Review

With today's NZXT Kraken review we step up the performance ladder and review its X62 model AIO CPU Cooler. As NZXT spells out on it website, and it is not modest about it, saying that the new Kraken series "have been redesigned to bring you the greatest experience in liquid cooling, all backed by an industry-leading 6-year warranty."



The NZXT Kraken X62 AIO Liquid Cooler is the big boy of the Kraken bunch and the one you want when you want no compromises. Surprisingly though, the Kraken X62 offers you a lot of flexibility without sacrificing much anything. You can, of course, run the system at full speed and enjoy all the performance it has to offer or you can turn the fans down to minimum and not suffer the usual penalty in heating. There is some increase in heating but it’s much less then what I’ve seen in other coolers and that’s thanks to an efficient radiator design. The one area where you can’t work any sorcery is the noise department. Turn the fans up and these get loud as hell, however loud it is there. Turn the fans down and these become silent for all intents and purposes. How nice would it be to have fans that are quiet while spinning at thousands of rotations per minute? Maybe in the future! But that is just not possible given our understanding of physics at the moment. Even so, NZXT is able to make sure you get the most performance out of every cubic foot of air moving through the radiator, so in the end it works out and works out quite well.

The "infinity mirror design" LED lighting of the Kraken X62 as with the X52 and the X42, is great looking, even if you decide to turn it off. The infinity mirror effect stands out and gives the Kraken X62 a superior style that can be configured to fit just about any color theme you desire. It adds a unique flavor to the Kraken AIO coolers but I’ll leave that up to your individual tastes to determine if it’s worth it.


The charts below show the cost you will pay for each degree in temperature reduction the heat sink gives you over the stock cooler. The two areas that influence this chart are cost of the heat sink and its performance. An expensive cooler that gives you superior performance will be rated as average since its cost hurts its rating. Inversely, a poor performing heat sink that costs next to nothing will be rated as average since its performance will hurt its ratings. We ideally look for low cost and high performance. All prices were gathered by doing a very quick search of the web for each cooler and listing it here sans S/H and tax (these can vary widely from region to region). We use MSRP pricing for those not yet found in stock.

As an example, if a cooler outperforms the stock cooler by 10C and costs USD $5.00 it would be listed in our chart as $.50. You would pay fifty cents for each degree of better performance over the box cooler.

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To arrive at a single number difference, we took the value of all four cores from our overclocked tests, averaged these and then compare these for analysis.

The Bottom Line

You may have noticed that there is no current support listed for AMD's new Ryzen AM4 socket. Today we reviewed the Kraken X62 model number RL-KRX62-01; this kit does not have AM4 support. NZXT has released it updated Kraken X62 model number RL-KRX62-02; this kit does have AM4 socket support. If you currently own, or purchase an NZXT Kraken series cooler that does not have AM4 socket support, NZXT has you covered with a free AM4 mounting braket, and you can find all the instructions on this page for obtaining the AM4 bracket. Certainly NZXT gets kudos for this type of excellent customer support, and this might very well be considered in your decision to purchase from NZXT or not.

If you already have a Kraken or are purchasing one that doesn’t already include the AM4 bracket, no need to worry. We will provide you with a free AM4 bracket kit. All you need to do is follow the directions below.

NZXT has produced the best performing AIO cooler with the Kraken X62 we have ever tested and that is an amazing achievement. The X62 is also the most expensive AIO ($160 with Free Shipping) in our charts and that must be taken into consideration. If you want performance and couldn’t care less about hard earned cash then you’ve found the cooler for you. Value is in the eye of the beholder. If full fan and pump software control, stellar performance, all while being shockingly good looking is not in your budget, we certainly understand. However, if those are on your value list, we understand that too.

The NZXT Kraken X62 is the best performing AIO on the market right now, it has flexibility in terms of sound versus performance, and comes with a gorgeous looking CPU block. There is a lot to like about the Kraken X62 as long as you’re willing to open that wallet wide. In the end, it’s a personal decision whether or not the price is justified but one thing that isn’t subjective is its performance. The Kraken X62 is the best.

For its unrivaled performance we are happy to award the NZXT Kraken X62 the [H]ardOCP GOLD Award.

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NZXT Kraken X62 All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooler