Corsair Crystal 460X RGB Compact ATX Mid-Tower Case

What do you do when a window just isn't enough? Corsair believes they have the answer in the Crystal 460X RGB case. The front and side are made of tempered glass giving you the ability to show off your pride and joy. Is it more than just a pretty face? Can the Crystal 460X RGB make a PC enthusiast happy?


Today we are reviewing the Crystal Series 460X RGB Compact ATX Mid-Tower Case.

Corsair would be considered an "OG" in the computer world. They have been around for many years and were initially most known for their RAM. In recent years they have extended their reach into the PC world with an ever growing line of hardware and peripherals such as mice and keyboards, cooling solutions, power supplies and cases too name a few.

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Corsair is a global company bringing innovative, high-performance components to the PC gaming market. Specializing in very high performance memory, ultra-efficient power supplies, and other key system components, our products are the choice of overclockers, enthusiasts, and gamers everywhere.

Founded in 1994, Corsair has grown from pioneering the high-performance DRAM market to one of the world’s leading providers of enthusiast-grade PC components and peripherals. Our groundbreaking technology and innovation can be found in our high-performance memory, ultra-efficient power supplies, PC cases, PC and CPU cooling solutions, and solid-state storage devices. Under the Corsair Gaming brand, launched in 2014, we provide gaming keyboards, mice, headsets and mouse mats to eSports professionals and anybody who is passionate about competitive PC gaming.

Corsair Crystal 460X RGB Case Specifications

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The subject of our attention today is the Crystal Series 460X RGB Compact ATX Mid-Tower Case. It is a mid tower case with the left side and front made from tempered glass and includes 3 120mm RGB fans (hence the RGB in the name) Corsair does offer two other options in this line, the Crystal 460X and the Crystal 570X RGB. The 460X RGB is "middle of the road" in regards to price between the three models.

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Product Packaging

The Crystal 460X RGB arrived wth no physical damage to the packaging, considering the amount of glass used to build the case I would consider that a good thing.

There is nothing flashy or exciting about the outer packaging, and that's OK with us. Flashy boxes with glossy images cost more money to produce and any additional cost in producing a product gets passed on to the consumer. The outer packaging is standard brown cardboard with the company name and logo as well as the product name and information printed on the front. On the back side is an exploded view of the case.

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Inside the box you'll find the case wrapped in plastic and surrounded by thick polyethylene closed-cell foam. The front and glass side panel were completely covered by the foam inserts, so even if the outer box had taken some damage the glass panels were well protected.

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Our Crystal 460X RGB arrived in perfect condition.