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Today's Hard|Forum Post

RIOTORO Enigma 850W Computer Power Supply Review

You have likely never heard of a RIOTORO power supply until now. Neither had we until a couple months ago. We have however known the RIOTORO PR guy for many years, and he felt comfortable enough to bring us this new Enigma PSU and allow us to put it through the HardOCP gauntlet.


RIOTORO is a company that has popped onto our radar only recently having been founded in 2014. In those few short years, Riotoro has grown their product portfolio to include keyboards, mice, cases, cooling components, and, now, power supplies. Obviously, today, we are interested in their power supply business as it emerges as one of their more recent additions. Given that Riotoro has not been at this long, they do not currently have a large offering of power supplies with units only falling into the Onyx and Enigma lines. Today, we will be seeing the Enigma 850W which is made in conjunction with Great Wall.

China Great Wall Computer Group Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of China Electronics Corporation, is a name that is not that well known to our North American readers. Great Wall was founded in 1986 and currently operates a number of companies producing products including power supplies, monitors, laptops, memory, flash products, and a laundry list of other PC and technology related products. In the power supply field, Great Wall is currently one of the largest suppliers of power supplies in the Chinese market. Its presence in North America, however, is very limited and as we have only seen using Great Wall products so far from OCZ and Corsair before today.

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RIOTORO, An Enigma Wrapped in a Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma?

The Riotoro Enigma 850W is the first power supply we have seen from Riotoro. Given that Riotoro is such a new company though, that probably isn't surprising. Now, while Riotoro might be new, we have seen products from Great Wall before and, to date, they have not been the best. How much of that is due to Great Wall and how much of that is due to the vendors using Great Wall as an OEM is up for some debate. However, Riotoro is going to have a lot riding on this bull, as it is their first product, so they have every reason to do this right even if other vendors have struggled. Given the market of comparable units we have seen, this also means giving us great performance and good pricing as this is seems like it may be falling into a more competitive market segment than it seems at first blush. So, before moving on to see what this unit can do, let's see what Riotoro has to say for sure about this unit and its market position:

ENIGMA power supplies are designed to hit the sweet spot for practical real-world performance, reliability, and price. To protect you and your PC, ENIGMA PSUs include full over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-power, and short-circuit protections. They have plenty stable power to support modern single and dual GPU gaming PCs. They are 80 PLUS certified for superior efficiency and compatible with the latest Intel and AMD processors and motherboards. They are 80 PLUS certified for superior efficiency and compatible with the latest Intel and AMD processors and motherboards.

Let's now take a look at what we get when we purchase the Riotoro Enigma 850W power supply in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.