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Enermax Revolution Duo 700W Power Supply Review

Two is always better than one, right? Two fans in your new PSU is a win-win? That is the theory behind the Enermax Revolution Duo series of Power Supply Units. Enermax has a long history of producing PSUs ranging from good to excellent. Where will the new Duo fall in line today?


Enermax Technology Corporation is a company that is well known in the world of power supplies and general computing alike. Founded in 1990, Enermax has made a name for itself by providing solid performing power supplies, among other computer components, cases, and accessories. Enermax' current lines of power supplies encompass a wide range of products targeted at various market segments including the Platimax, MaxRevo, RevolutionX't, Revolution DUO, Revolution SFX, Triathlor FC, Triathlor ECO, NAXN ADV, and NAXN series. In addition to being a retail presence with its Enermax brand power supplies, Enermax Technology Corporation used to be one of the few true OEM designers of power supplies. Its power supplies however, only rarely showed up under other labels including Grow Up Japan, Sapphire, and its house brand Lepa with that time of independent design and production seeming to have passed. Today, we are looking at the brand new Enermax Revolution Duo 700W (ERD700AWL-F) which comes from Yuelin.

Yuelin (Guangdong Yuelin Electrical Technology Co., Ltd) is a computer chassis, peripheral, and power supply manufacturer that we do not see much of under their own branding in North America. However, since their founding in 1993, Yuelin has grown to a respectable size in their home market. In North America, we do not see much of Yuelin but when we do it has usually been from products that were less than impressive. Today, however, with their providing contract manufacturing services to the likes of Enermax/Lepa it will be interesting to see how these units perform with big brand support and input.

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Are Two Fans Better Than One?

The Enermax Revolution Duo 700W is the latest in a very long line of power supplies that we have seen from Enermax proper. In that time, we have seen a number of innovative products. However, what we haven't seen from Enermax is a "retro" product; until today. Today, the Revolution Duo 700W represents the newest 700W product we have seen from Enermax but also the one that is using a design we have not seen in wide usage in a very long time. Obviously, by going back to a design style that people have moved away from, Enermax thinks there is something we are all missing. What is it though? Let's see what Enermax has to say about this unit and its product placement:

With the increasing demand for computer cases featuring PSU-Tunnel design (aka PSU shroud), REVOLUTION DUO is equipped with DUOFlowآ™ design to provide active ventilation and make efficient airflow management. What’s more, the patented FMA technology allows users to instantly adjust the airflow via a turbo switch based on their system need.

After reading that, and seeing the images, it looks as if Enermax feels the old dual fan arrangement where the fans are 90 degrees from one another is going to be a benefit to users where their power supply is isolated from the rest of the case. That is certainly an interesting observation/idea. Before going to far down that rabbit hole though, let's take a look at what we get when we purchase the Enermax Revolution Duo 700W power supply in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.