be quiet! Silent Base 800 Full-Tower Chassis Review

With a company name like be quiet!, you likely know what to somewhat expect. This German company strives to build some of the best designed computer chassis on the market. Its new Silent Base 800 series case certainly looks good on the outside. How does it perform when it comes to being cool and quiet?


Today we are reviewing be quiet! Silent Base 800 full-tower PC case that comes in various trim colors and window options and ranges in price from $140 to $160, some with Prime Shipping.

be quiet! is a German company that, over the last decade, has gone from being known primarily as a power supply manufacturer, to offering a full line of cooling solutions and computer cases. Since 2006 the company developed a strong following in the enthusiast community and has earned accolades from the U.S. and European hardware community alike.

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From the company's about us page:

be quiet! is a premium brand manufacturer of power supplies and cooling solutions for your desktop PC. be quiet! products are convincing which is proved by reaching and defending the market leadership in PSU business in Germany since 2006. This is validated and accompanied by numerous awards for both power supplies and cooling solutions.

be quiet! is justifiably famous for making some of the most technologically-advanced, and absolutely the quietest, PC equipment available. True to the motto "form follows function" the PC case Silent Base 800 Orange offers the perfect symbiosis of noise prevention and cooling performance, a good usability and an extensive capacity for high-end hardware.

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The subject of today's evaluation is the be quiet! Silent Base 800 full-tower PC case. The Silent Base 800 comes with the choice of three different colors accents; Orange, Black and Silver. The Silent Base 800 can also be ordered with or without a windowed side panel.

According to the company product page:

"With a targeted combination of unique airflow control and sound insulation features, Silent Base 800 is a truly superior case ideal for high-end gaming gear and for quiet systems. Outstanding performance thanks to an innovative construction that assures excellent cooling efficiency and a perfect air-circulation at well-known whisper-quiet operation. The innovative construction of the side, bottom and top covers optimizes case airflow for perfect air circulation, reducing turbulence and generating superior cooling at lower fan speeds for exceedingly quiet operation. The unique, specially designed front panel intake system allows cool air to enter the case while greatly eliminating almost all of the noise that is allowed back out."

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Since this is our first be quiet! case review, we are anxious to just jump right in and see what the Silent Base 800 is made of.

Product Packaging

The be quiet! Silent Base 800 full-tower PC case arrived in its bare product packaging with minimal signs of damage. The overall package measurements are 22.5"H x 25"L x 12"W and is constructed of double-walled corrugated cardboard that is glued along the seams.

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The front of the large black box prominently features a hero shot of the case, as well as the name and company logo in orange and white with product information, feature list and exploded view of the chassis on the back. The case itself is wrapped in a white cloth bag and held in place by thick styrofoam inserts.

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