The TITAN X video card has 12GB of VRAM, not 11.5GB, 50% more streaming units, 50% more texture units, and 50% more CUDA cores than the current GTX 980 flagship NVIDIA GPU. While this is not our full TITAN X review, this preview focuses on what the TITAN X delivers when directly compared to the GTX 980.


1440p Performance

On this page we are going to look at apples-to-apples settings in games comparing the GeForce GTX TITAN X and GeForce GTX 980, both reference video cards, reference cooling. We are using the latest driver supplied by NVIDIA which is GeForce 347.84 for both video cards. Our standard test system is being used.

VRAM Utilization

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Before we compare gaming performance, we wanted to test VRAM capacity in these games at various settings to see how that compares between the 12GB TITAN X and 4GB GTX 980.

You will note Dying Light seems to demand more VRAM than other games, as we discovered when we evaluated it recently. This game can exceed 4GB of VRAM even at just 1440p with the highest settings, which are playable on both video cards. The GTX 980 is hitting its 4GB memory cap here, and doesn't have room for the extra VRAM the game is demanding at 1440p.

Watch Dogs can eat a lot of VRAM when MSAA is turned on, pulling over 5GB at 1440p. FC4 didn't require as much as we would have thought, and Crysis 3 doesn't need much at all. Unfortunately we cannot show you BF4 VRAM right now, GPUz running would crash the game every single time, so we will find another way to record VRAM in the full-evaluation.

Dying Light

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We are using the latest 1.5.0 patch in this test. The new GeForce GTX TITAN X is 34% faster than the GeForce GTX 980 at 1440p with the highest in-game settings.

Watch Dogs

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The GeForce GTX TITAN X is 28% faster in this game with the highest in-game settings.

Far Cry 4

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In FC4 we are pushing this game hard by having Soft Shadows enabled, which do degrade performance a lot with the latest 1.9.0 patch on all video cards. Still, GTX TITAN X is able to give us 33% more performance than GTX 980.

Battlefield 4

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Once again another 33% performance advantage, which really makes a difference in BF4 at 1440p.