LEPA MX F1 600W Power Supply Review

LEPA does not have much to say in terms of marketing about its new MX F1 power supply line. Outside of "Racing car style coating" and "Extremely Silent fan," we have very little to go on, except one thing. 600 watts of good PSU power priced at $49.99 with Free Shipping with be a very good value, if it's "good" power.


Build Quality

As we already know the LEPA MX F1 600W features a single 120mm fan design like many other offerings on the market that has come to be the preferred standard for quiet cooling environments due to the ability to move a larger volume of air at slower speeds than a smaller diameter fan. While great for quiet computing environments the key criteria in our evaluation is whether or not the cooling solution is sufficient, not necessary it’s sound level or form factor.

External Build Quality

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Externally, the LEPA MX F1 600W is a good looking power supply with the now standard overhead fan layout. It is trimmed out in a very striking black and white motif. Now, while the looks are very nice, we do see that this is a fixed cable unit so it is generally going to be considered somewhat lower end. However, what really makes it appear to be a lower end unit is the fact that when we flip to the rear of the unit we see a voltage selector switch. Did someone forget to tell Enermax/Lepa that is 2015? Seriously, no APFC. Who does that in this day and age?

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The LEPA MX F1 600W comes in at a length of ~5 آ½ inches. The cables provide a serviceable length of ~18 to 23 inches to the first or only connector depending on the connector type. The sleeving on the cables is incomplete in that only the EPS and the ATX 24pin cable are sleeved while the rest of the cables are a tangled mess fit for a fine Italian restaurant! That said, the wiring enters the housing through a wire guard so LEPA hasn't cut out everything in the name of cost.

Internal Build Quality

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Once we open the MX F1 600W, we are left looking at a pathetically old and under built power supply from CWT. The topology is half bridge with a group regulated secondary that lacks APFC. This design was old 6 years ago let alone today, which begs the question; where exactly did Lepa/CWT dig this up at? A dumpster in Guangzhou? Paired with this very old, very low end, design is a Flyapline Electronics (Huizhou City Zhuobang Electronics Co., Ltd) sleeve bearing fan rated at 0.2A at 12v. Anyway, as we flip over the single layer PCB we find not a horrible soldering job, but there is an odd film covering about 1/2 of the PCB that is sticky as if something had melted across the PCB.

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The primary side starts with the input filtering partially housed on a PCB attached to the AC input receptacle and this PCB houses X capacitors, Y capacitors, and a coil. This filtering continues on to the PCB where we find the PCB is screened for a few more components than what are actually used. As we continue on the primary side, we see the bridge rectifier on the primary side without a heatsink (not good). We also see the input capacitors are FHY branded, which is atrocious, and rated at 1000uF 200v 85C. Lastly, that large heatsink contains the primary side power components.

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Once we move over to the secondary things don't get better. The first thing you notice here are a pair of coils indicating the group regulated nature of this design, sigh. If that isn't bad enough, we next notice that the capacitors found throughout the secondary are Asia-X series. That would be low point if the primary capacitors had not been FHY series. Moving down to the PCB, we see the fan controller and output protections are here and we can see the screening for each of the 12v rails that the unit is equipped with. The wiring is all tightly bound up and routed out of the unit through the housing and wire guard.

Build Quality Summary

The build quality of the LEPA MX F1 600W is atrocious overall. The only redeeming feature of this unit is the way it looks, and looks are more subjective than any other part of the build quality so that is a tenuous thing to hang your hat on. So, where does everything start going wrong? The exterior, actually, since we can see that the unit lacks APFC from the outside and then there is the unsleeved cabling. When we move to the interior, things just keep getting worse each and every time we look at another aspect of the interior. The topology is ancient, the PCB is a mucked up single layer piece, and the capacitors are from FHY and Asia-X which should be a crime. There is literally nothing about the build quality of this unit that looks like the quality we have come to expect from Lepa or Enermax or from any modern 600W power supply.